What Do Men Rock Baby!!

The Darkness @ Wembley Arena, London
December 2004

I know it doesn’t make a blind bit of sense, but neither do the spandex clad rockers The Darkness!! I went to see these Rock Gods Yesterday on their Winter Tour at Wembley Arena. It was absolutely fantastic!!! Played a superb set mainly taken from thier first album, ‘Permission To Land’ (btw…if you don’t own this…get it now!) However they perform a whole bunch of new tracks from acoustic ballads to the superb ‘English Country Garden” which bound to be a future hit. Justin introduced us to his latest instrument, the Key-tar? or was it a Gui-Board? confused?? If you haven’t guessed it, sling a keyboard on a strap and whack it round your shoulder, Oh…you get the idea 🙂

As a final climax to the procedings justin mounted a 6ft white tiger and rode it 30ft above the crowd while playing the solo from ‘LoveOn The Rocks With No Ice’, showmanship at its best. After retreating backstage they came out for thier second encore, with as Justin put it “A Proper Christmas Song” (Blast that boring git Gary Jules and his Mad World). This really sets the mood for a rockin’ Christmas, and with the new album already written, the Darkness are not going away just yet.

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