Whipped Up a Storm

Hurricane Party, The Glitterati, The Black Velvets @ Concord2, Brighton
19th April 2005

I’ts Wednesday morning and im sitting in work still in awe of the amazing show put on by three unknown Hard Rock bands last night at concorde2!! It was absolutely awesome, All three bands were superb with some exceptional highlights. They all rocked the roof, and rocked it hard.

The Black Velvets
First up were the black velvets, The lead singer had a very similar intense style like that of Mick Jagger with the strutting and jerking moves he made his own. Their sound seemed very led zep influenced with hard and heavy blues. However they did put a bit of a modern spin on procedings with some cool feedback and effects which sets them apart from their predessors. Set highlights included the superb, ‘Get on your life’, a typical hard rock anthem with a solid riff, classic rock lyrics about nothing and well delivered rasping vocals.

Hurricane Party
The Stage went totally black and a sample of a californian weather forecast was broadcast over the speakers before the white lights nearly blinded me. As Hurricane Party Took to the stage you first get the impression that they really are stuck in the 80’s. All could have been rejects from 80’s tribute bands! Steven Tyler on Vocals, Robert Plant on Rhythem Guitar, Rick Parfett on Bass and the motley cru lead guitarist (Or Matt Le-Tissier). The ridiculas hair lengths all added to the spinal tap aura. Now to be this cheesy you need to be good, and boy do these guys Rock!

Huge rock riffs and with twin Gibson Les Pauls handing out the crunch, the hard rock sound is not too far behind. The riffs were heavy and so ridiculasly catchy it could have been an Ac/Dc concert. The Lead guitarist is probably the best guitarist i’ve seen alongside Justin Hawkins. A song wouldn’t go past without him pulling off another blistering solo, the best being a tapping solo with one hand while holding the guitar upside down with the strumming hand…wow! The Singer was very reminicent of steven tyler with extravagant moves and spralling on the floor, the vocals themselves were very hair metal era poison, bon jovi, def leppard infulenced. The bass and rhythem guitarists were a sight to behold, you’d see their faces before a song, then head down status quo style head banging perfectly in time with each other…priceless.

The performance of these guys was superb and you would have to be pretty damn good to match them for sound, style, talent and cheesyness. Set Highlights…To many to recall but the tracks, ‘Roadstar’, ‘Last Survivor’ and ‘Killer’ also Kreepy (Lead Guitarist) giving us a godlike lesson in rock guitar.

The Glitterati
Now the crowd which had greatly swelled to watch Hurricane party had diseperced somewhat for the arrival of the fial band the glitterati. Now following Hurricane Party is a tough tough feat, but these guys performed well. The songs were good and the lead singers vocal ranges were great giving the songs a sleazy edge. They were most deffinatly glam rockers with their songs and in line with the sytle had some rockin riffs and melodies.

On any other night they would have been superb, but following the Hurricane Party which preceeded and the continued playing to the camera crew filming rather than the crowd, didnt live up to the main stars of the night.

On the whole…Hurricane Party Rock!! and Rock BIG!!

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