Viva las Acceptance,

August 30, House Of Blues, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

I admit this Gig review has taken forever to arrive but finally ive got around to writing it. While I was on my travels around the USA, me and the gang took a night in Las Vegas to visit the House Of Blues and see a whole hoard of up and coming punk groups. Four bands were playing that evening. It all kicked off at around 7pm with Augustana. However due to female vanity and reluctance to move, coupled with the crazy journey down the strip from the Sahara to Mandalay Bay meant we didnt get their til nearly 8. Bugger…one down three more to go hey.

Up Second, grrr, was Panic at the Disco! These were a combination of elctrosynth punk with a dancy edge. I felt that their setup was a little shady. You could hardly hear the synth so it turned into a all out emo affair, which wasn’t bad. I enjoyed this as they had some good catchy chorus’s and driving riffs, plus the lead singer and guitarists both sported john lennon style mops on their heads. Even though PaTD were rewalking the path trod by manymany before, they livened the place up as more were filling towards the stage.

Up next was Receiving End of Sirens, this was a whole more professional performance which didn’t set the room alight. Plenty of guitars and screams, but hasd no where near the musical qualities of funeral for a friend or lost prophets. Just another punk band sadly.

The place had filled up nicely (by nicley i mean still room to get to the bar) when Acceptance took to the stage. In doing this i realised i saw these dudes in the bar the night before singing guns n’ roses at Rock Star Kareoke, it’s a small world vegas! I really enjoyed this set and it was perfect punk pop and balladry. The slow mellow tracks which they performed were excellent and caused a series of singalongs, even though i didn’t know the songs they werent hard to pick up…pop at its finest! They were not only this one dimensional band tho, their more upbeat and punky numbers sounded awesome with the lead singer prancing around like a pony on steriods. To round of a solid set they first not only payed tribute to the Beatles, but performed a strange piano/punk rework of Elanor Rigby, odd but full marks for performance.

So when all we done we retreated into the nights heat and worked out to get out of this damn casino, it did take 20 mins to find the exit and another 10 to find the tram station, blast those floor designers.

Panic! At The Disco – New album could be worth a listen

Receiving End Of Sirens – Recycled and it lol comes out the same

Acceptance – Great band keep your ears peeled for them.


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