What a Rockin’ Year: #IX

So i’ve read enough people’s ‘Best Albums 2005’ so i thought i’d jump on the bandwagon and post my own fav albums of the year…how rebellious! So what i have learned this year is that being away at university its hard to keep up with the latest music releases. So therefore no extremely obscure acts should crop up…although im sure a few will make it in. I am going to list my top 9 albums of 2005. Yes 9, i thought i’d be a bit strange! I Hope you disagree with my list, should start an interesting line of conversation at the pub. I’ll post one a day reaching its thrilling climax on new years day (you see why 9 now). Lets kick it off…

The White Stripes – Get Behind Me Satan


This album is a total reversal from Elephant which i absolutly love. Jacks sublime guitar genious is overtaken by a whole host of strange and hugely varying instruments. Yet the album still has the White Stripes aura all around it. Even though i was expecting a rip roaring skuzzy blue riff-o-rama on this release, i was amazed how catchy the songs were. Goes to show you dont need a guitar to produce a winning rock album. Favourite Track: My Doorbell – how can you not love it!

White Stripes

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  1. You’ve set yourself a high standard putting ‘Get Behind Me Satan’ at ninth. But I’ll hold off and reserve judgement until after I see the other 8.

    (Just as a note: the new Darkness one better not have snucked in ahead or I’ll be very disappointed!)


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