Hot Hot Heat – Elevator


What! A Pop Album You Say! Yup but what a cracking example of pure piano pop sublimity. This is a real feel good album with so many happy songs which provided the soundtrack to my summer. Even in the deepest of ruts, one listen to tracks like ‘You Owe Me An IOU’ and you can help but jump up and start bouncing off the ceiling. But this album is far from piano pop of Ben Folds, in fact the Hammond Organ music which Red Dwarfs Arnold Rimmer made famous makes a bold statement that its not for those in mid life crisis. The keys are pounded much harder than Chris Martin ever could and the guitar accompanyment’s not bad either. The singer could do with a new stylist, but that can be overlooked as hip these days. Other guitar driven songs such as ‘Running Out Of Time’ prove that this marriage of keys and amps is one built to last.

The lyrics on this album are far from conventional, “I was picked up and then dropped off in a culture counter clockwise turned around”. What does that mean? But more to the point who cares, this is a fun album which should not be taken seriously, and with lyrics like that…how can you?

Cant finish this without mentioning the other highlight tracks which are plentiful here, “Goodnight Goodnight” poptasic radio friendly catchy as hell track, “Island Of The Honest Man” hold so many crazy lyrics its worth more than a few plays and “Middle Of Nowhere” super singalong. But over all these, the ever so simple but so effective “Pickin’ It Up” is my track pick. It breathes so much life and fun its untrue and after one play you know the chorus, exactly how a infection tune should be. Oh did i mention that these guys are amazing live too, he he Live Review. Not Quite The Favourite Track: Middle Of Nowhere – Power Pop Piano Perfectionism

Hot Hot Heat

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