Motion City Soundtrack – Commit This To Memory


Ahh! Punk! How did that end up here! Well its simple, its got so many outstanding tracks which melt together synth and guitar with seamless ease. The Keyboard and synthesisers are used heavily throughout this album elevate these tracks above the run of the mill punk rock. Not to mention the superb semi falsetto voice which seems at times to be straight from a Warner Brothers production.

This is also a very thoughtful album which has a great sense of humour and is lyrically clever to this end, L.G. FUAD sings “Let’s get fucked up and die, I am speaking figuratively of course, like the last time that i committed suicide, social suicide” illustrates my point. There are plenty of mid tempo tracks here which do more dispel the punk rock influences even if the tracks are still under three and a half minutes in length. Punk aside, their poppy catchy hooks and chorus’s like on the fantastic “Everything is Alright”, “Revolution” or “When “You’re” Around” are so infectious they just burn themselves into your brain and you’ll be humming them all week. Yet another great track is the subtle ballad tinged with acoustic sensibilities “Together We’ll Ring In The New Yearâ€? which yet another step away from punk of their fellows.

Have to finish with my Track of the year! Its pop punk through and through band clocking in at 1:42 you have to savour its glory. “I am wrecked, I am overblown, I’m also fed up with the common cold” the lead singer croons before the guitars, keys, and falsetto all explode simultaneously. “Attractive Today”, if you haven’t heard it…your missing out. This album is awesome and me picking it shows how the Warped tour in the summer has changed my musical tastes into the world of punk, damn that Chris O! Not Quite The Favourite track: Resolution

Motion City Soundtrack

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