Wellar Insulted by Blunt

Not that Blunt would actually have any manhood to step up to one of the rock and roll greats! Wellar speaking in an interview reacted angrily at the chance to play alongside the bordom inducing cringer Blunt at this years Brit Awards, where Wellar will be picking up the Outstanding Contribution To Music award.

He told the Mirror: “I’d rather eat my own s*** than duet with James Blunt.” And a spokesman for Weller’s record company V2 added: “James isn’t exactly the coolest singer around at the moment – he’s the last person Paul would sing with.” Now heres is a guy with taste!!

Maybe now after being knocked down from his high horse Blunt can go back to plaguing the cd players of middle aged women and never be seen again. For the common good that is.

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