Nathan Asher & The Infantry

Nathan Asher

It’s not very often a song comes around which gets a huge playcount on my pc. However while scanning the blogs i came across a superb melodic track with outsanding lyrics which really draws you into the heart and soul of the song. Nathan Asher is backed up by his band the Infantry, but it’s his voice which is a cross of bright eyes and dashboard confessional, all the distinctive spoken tone of the former and the stress and anguish of the latter. I was drawn to this band because the track in question won the John Lennon songwriting award for electronic tracks in 2005 and is also up for various other international lyrical praise and awards.

The song is called “Turn Up The Faders” and the video can be downloaded or streamed from their website at

This is a track which ranks up in one of my favourite tracks after only a week of listening to it. Listen and see for yourself!

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