Jacks Mannequin – Everything in Transit

Jacks Mannequin

Since University has wrapped up I haven’t been keeping up with any new music and Jacks Mannequin is one of the main reasons for this. They are the side project of the frontman of the californian punk outfit “Something Corporate” producing superb summer feelgood anthems just meant for the sunshine. Piano pop is the theme of Everything in Transit a concept album about settleing back in Los Angeles after hectic touring etc… But this piano pop with the excellent vocals is nothing which is going to break any new genres or spawn infinate copycats, neither have critics fighting over rights to create a new genre label, (see Kindie, indie music for kids and parents) Andrew McMahon knows his craft and peforms it with effortless ease. Track Highlights are the great “Mixed Tape”, Stacy’s mum vein “Miss Delaney”, the infinetly catchy “Dark Blue” and chilled anthem”La La Lie”. Oh did i mention that Tommy Lee drums on this album?A far cry from the Motley Crue and shows his versatility with the sticks.

Buy it, and relax in the summery atmospere of the california sounds of Jacks Mannequin.

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