Dont Hassle The Hoff

It’s Hoff-icial, the David Hasslehoff Appreciation society are out in force and are preparing for a daring attempt to get his to the top spot on the download charts. So far 24,321 fans have signed up to pending a parallel buy of a track released after 75,000 names have been accumilated, stuff of legends hey.

Elsewhere The Hoff’s videos have began to re-surface and mark my word they are stupendous. Cheesy, Low Budget, Laced with Baywatch and Knight Rider with an infinite stream of corny and aweful lyrics. His latest single attempt, god forbid, is “Jump In My Car”, totally cringe worthy right down to the infamous baywatch run, James Bond imitation and Kit’s ejector seat (Kit was soo cool until this). Saying that though, it’s just too funny you have to watch it, so bad it’s great! But isn’t that the Hoff all over tho (except for the cameo in Spongebob which was genius, and not getting thrown out of Wimbledon shame really that made me laugh so hard). The making of the video is a gem too, getting to see the crew having to push the car back and forth and the girls seemingly embarrassed to be there (not one to put on the acting CV).

Here’s some vids, you HAVE to check out:

Jump In My Car Kit’s been shamed
Making of Jump In My Car Even better than the real thing
Hooked On A Feeling Ooga Chakka, Hooga Hooga… Insanely Funny

So Hassle aside, Im Hoff!
(sorry, couldn’t resist)

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