The Trews

The Trews

Finally, after years of following this band they have got their first inches in the music press. The publication is ‘Classic Rock’ magazine and they have been featured on their latest cd ‘Hot in 2007’. Time to let you in on one of my favourite groups.

The Trews are from Nova Scotia in Canada which makes them instantly more likable as i had an awesome time there this summer with friends!! They play a slant on the traditional rock band with stunning vocals more hooks than a fishing contest. They play excellent rock n’ roll with enough energy and catchy tunes to warrant them to be more popular. Having never broken out of North America it’s no wonder why the UK havent been hit by this group who ocasionally take pages out of the Black Crowes handbook.

Their debut album “House of Ill Fame” is their best work to date, but follow-up album “Den Of Thieves” has many tracks to rival it’s greatness. At their best The Trews throw out a barrage of riffs and radio friendly pop/rock with each track loaded with it’s own contagious melody. You can’t help but admire their rock craft in both mid-tempo tracks as well as the full on assault of guitars. Picking tracks, “Every Inhambition” the debut opener is a bouncy riff driven classic,”Stray”the albums final farewell is lyrically driven greatness, “Poor Ol’ Broken Hearted Me” is back to basics blues power, where “Hopeless“is asuperb acoustic ballad and finally I love the head thumping “Black Halo“.

Here’s showing some love…

“Den of Thieves begs to be performed live, filled with fist-pumping rock, melodic power pop, and danceable blues-funk flourishes, with a few sway-worth ballads tossed in for good measure.”

Need I say more? Can’t wait for these guys to take over the airwaves. UK bound? Not yet but I wish otherwise!

Check them out: Website MySpace

Did I mention they also won the “2005 Canadian East Coast Music Award for Group of the Year”?

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