Monthly Mixtapes: January 2007

My Mixtape
So here goes with a attempted monthly feature (Look even a little graphic, cue game show audience ooooohs and ahhhhs) about what im listening to right now, you never know maybe you’ll discover something you like. Of course not all of these opinions are relevant to the month of January. Hell were not even in January any more, so no dumbass comments please… pretty please!!

Mixtape#1 – Jan 07

1, Cooper Temple Clause – Homo Sapiens … huge chugging fuzz riff
2, The Sunshine Underground – Commercial Breakdown … Brandon Flowers singalikey with catchy melodies
3, Shiny Toy Guns – Le Disko… funky electro beats
4, Ok Go – Don’t Ask Me… Played an awesome gig in Camden Town!
5, 747s – Night and Day … Album opener from this new band
6, DragonForce – Through The Fires And The Flames … Utterly Uplifting Power/Fantasy/Speed Metal, you need to experience this track in its full glory!!
7, The Noisettes – Bridge To Canada … I wish there was, but good track nonetheless
8, The Sword – Iron Swan … QOTSA reminicant classic rock
9, Klaxons – Gravitys Rainbow … Great rockin’ electro/sample tune
10, Cobra Starship – It’s Warmer In The Basement … Panic at the Disco style pop punk
11, Switchfoot – Dirty Second Hands … Mellow classic from american band back on form with new album
12, The Datsuns – Maximum Heartbreak .. Datsuns produce another classic garage rock anthem!
13, Enter Shikari – Sorry Your Not A Winner … Rock, Techno, Hardcore, Pop, Mega Riffage, i mean what more d’ya need?
14, Blood Brothers – Laser, Life … Off the wall vocals on this uber catchy track
15, Monty Are I – Between The Sheets … My guilty pleasure pop punk anthem of the month!

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