Reformations, Reformations, Reformations…

Seems as if 2007 is going to be a big year for music as 3 era defining bands are reforming and will play take their shows on tour once more ready to revel in the tours cash fund for the next decade!

1) The Police: Those ska and reggae rhythm makers are definitely back together and touring after a 30 year hiatus. Glasto?

2) Rage Against the Machine: As much as I am saddened at the disbanding of Audioslave, but things can only get better as these 90’s funk, rap-metallers are back!! Now we just need to pray these will come to the UK for festival season. Reading? oh I hope so!!

3) Van Halen: It’s looking more and more likely that Eddie Van Halen, 80’s guitar virtuoso will return alongside original singer David Lee Roth with his son on bass guitar (keeping it in the family). But the extremely volatile relationship between Eddie and David could get douse the flames on this re-union. Monsters Of Rock Festival? How can they resist!!

“Im off to go pray for RATM and the Van Halen to add UK legs to their tours!!”

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