Thunderbirds Are Now! @ The Luminaire, Kilburn, London
February 25th, 2007

Another week another live event, this time its the turn of Thunderbirds Are Now! I was excited about this show, mainly because they are awesome and the venue was another tiny one. Again a 250 person capacity in the timeout magazines venue of the year, The Luminaire. It was on the exact opposite of the borderline, Instead of down, it was up above a trendy bar, The styling was all very trendy and purposeful unlike the shabby rustic looks of borderline. This is no bad thing, the beer was good and the view immaculate once more.

A Very Special Skill
The Docktor was perfecting the fine art of Sleep Drinking

As me and The Docktor arrived, National Snack were already on stage. Their dress sense needed alot to be desired, wearing pinneys should be restricted to kitchens. Their music wasn’t too bad, kinda catchy with altering song structures and melodic breakdowns. The lead singer/guitarist also happened to look like a fuller figure version of Edith Bowman, so they werent too bad to watch.

Thunderbirds Are Now!

Next up was The Hair, an young fresh faced electrock group from leeds. They played a mix of electro and recycled pop/rock. So i didnt quite enjoy them as much as the oddball first band. Saying that they had probably enough good songs to warrent a half decent Ep. These guys need to pull out their finger if they are to approach the big time. Although their parting gift of all 4 members donning drumsticks and smashing symbols, was no more than a gimmick.

Thunderbirds Are Now!

With crowd swelling to a grand total of a bout 70, the Detroit based Electro Rocking geeks Thunderbirds Are Now!, sporting mega uncool glasses swooned onto stage without any flying rocket, carrier crafts, pacestations or submarines (Sadly). After hearing the vocalist talk i can actually pronouce that he does actauly have an incredible childish falsetto voice! Now within seconds of the first power chord being struck the band were all over the stage, with the lead singer Ryan Allen doing some aptly performed split jumps. Their sound is great for the live arena with just enough electro to do battle with the power of the guitarists. They definatly cranked thier amps up to 11 and seemed much more the rock, than the electro band you hear on their last 2 albums, definitley a good thing.

Thunderbirds Are Now!

Their latest LP “Make History” has definatly made the jump from the first album of heady electrock, to full on electrifying pop rock beast. This showed with great renditions of new tracks such as ” The Veil Comes Down” and “Open Us Up”. Thown into the mix was the cream of the tracks from their previos album Justamoustache. “Eat This City” and “This World Is Made Of Paper, Held Together By A Stapler” provided a veritble delight of electro oddball rocking tracks. With my ears now almost bleeding from the incredible noise the band sign off and we are left to dash to the station and grab our train outta here. 2 days later, and my right ear is still ringing, I think they have dont some permanent damage! Just goes to show, Thunderbirds which once were “GO” are “NOW!”

Thunderbirds Are Now!

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