Monthly Mixtapes: February 2007

My Mixtape

So onto February and the next installment:

Mixtape#2 – Feb 07

Tracks of the Month
1, The Hold Steady – Certain Songs … Utterly sublime track, performed with heart and soul at borderline
2, Bloc Party – Song For Clay (Disappear Here) … Reflects one of the Partys best moments to date
3, Forward Russia – 15 Pt.2 … This was the highlight of their gig! At least I think thats what it was called?
4, Malcolm Middleton – A Brighter Beat … A change of heart from the dour guitarist of Arab Strap, refreshingly poppy and happy
5, Humanzi – Fix the Cracks – Excellent wall of sound instumentation from not your average new band
6, Kubichek! – Nightjoy … Were great supporting iForward, Russia!, their standout track!
7, Of Montreal – Gronlandic Edit … Melodic electro pop from the american indie veteran
8, Brakes – Porcupine or Pineapple … One of Brakes’ comedy tracks extended into a great 1:30 punk explosion of energy
9, I love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness – Lights … Moody dark pop at its best
10, Cursive – Dorothy At 40 … Indie in the truest form, still packs a great punch!
11, Pop Levi – Sugar Assault Me Now … Ladytron doesScissor sisters on the pop classic
12, Tokyo Police Club – Nature of The Experiment … Good single from exciting new Canadian band
13, Gallows – Abandon Ship … Mega alt mayhem from this hybrid punk band
14, The New York Fund – Nobody Home … Loving the Freebird licks on this cool new bands debut Ep
15, Thunderbirds Are Now! – The Veil Comes Down “Catchy electrock from this great live act from detroit.

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