The Faded Roadstar

This week I heard some news which was to greatly sadden me, I mean even brinking on slight depression.

Roadstar, a superb band I’ve been following for a few years have hung up their guitars, powered down their amps and split, Sob Sob Sob.


This is such a great shame what with loads of exciting classic rock influenced band on the brink on noteriety. Not to mention this comes literally weeks after the release of their sophomore album Glass Mountain. However my insticts tell me that although Roadstar are laid to rest, they wont be gone for long. If you like to belive wikipedia here’s the rumour…here

Anyways as a tribute to this amazing band heres the highlights of thier brief but dazzling lifespan.

In their original name, Hurricane Party I was lucky enough to catch them live in brighton. This was fantastic and they still had original guitarist ‘Krepy’ who was astounding. Gig review here.

The release of their first full album Grand Hotel was a big milestone as they did so on thier own label. Grand Hotel mirrored the energy and lust for stadium worthy chorus lines of their debut E.P. Get This. Stand out track …. Roadstar – Band were renamed after this great track.

After a change of name and lineup (no Krepy) they were back and i went along to see them in london. Sandwiched between 2 probably more popular bands they stole the show and performed another cracker of a gig. Review

In recognition of their non-stop touring and great tunes they were names Classic Rock Magazines best new band of 2006, beating Wolfmother to the crown, quite a feat!

They had recently released Glass Mountain and its superb. Full of classic riffage and infectious chorus’s. Outstanding solos and melodies which make you wanna rock-out like the ghost of Hendrix. Standout track… Last Survivor – Bon Jovi Homage Paid with this re-Recorded track with added dual guitar attack!

Which only leaves me to say, Cheers Hurricane Party / Roadstar fror a great 3 Years of keeping true rock alive and hope to be hearing of your imminant return soon!

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