Monthly Mixtapes: Oct 07

My Mixtape

Mixtape#9 – October 07

1, Coheed & Cambria – Feathers – Sci-fi oddballs bring more of their classic rock influenced rock on this razor-edged riffed track.
2, Yeti – Keep Pushin On … Post Summer slice of jangly autumn pop rock which outstrips most of todays scenesters from the Ex-Libertine bassist’s new band
3, Minus The Bear – Kinghts … These indie rockers produce an upbeat masterpiece, masterful melodies and energy in perfect measure
4, Airbourne – Runnin’ Wild … Aussies pay tribute to their Ac/Dc heroes with this cracker, bludgeoned with riotus rock and roll spirit!
5, Bullets & Octane – The Perfect Bitch … A Hard Rocking tribute to the one night stand from this fantastic live band!
6, Future On The Left – adeadenemyalwayssmellsgood … The spirit of McLusky lives on with hard edged blues indieness
7, Bruce Springsteen – Radio Nowhere … The Boss is back with those all the USA rock cliche’s, i couldn’t resist!
8, Dead 60’s – Stand Up … Radio fodder, but no doubting its mega-appeal
9, Alter Bridge – Rise Today … Alter Bridge back to their Hard Rocking best
10, Ra Ra Riot – A Manner To Act … String section adds so much to the cheery melody from this new indie/pop act
11, Enon – Sabina … Quirky vocals, punk mastery and electo layers with a light dusting of wierdness make for a morish concoction.
12, Dogs – This Stone Is A Bullet … The Jam influenced spiky guitars laden with energy
13, Santana Ft. Chad Kroeger – Into The Night – Another fantastic collaboration between the Nickleback frontman & the legendary latino guitarist
14, The Hives – Tick Tick Boom … Comeback single from these Swedish garage rockers
15, Sum 41 – Under Class Hero … Pop Punk Anthem of the Month of October

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