Monthly Mixtapes: Nov/Dec Round up

My Mixtape

Seeing as December is such a slow month for decent new record releases and I was too busy to post November… here’s the finest tracks from the both those months rounded into a single neat package just in time for christmas!

Mixtape#9 – November/December 07

1, Liars – Plaster Casts Of Everything … Electrock thumper with crazy drums and bounding crescendos
2, Streetlight Manifesto – Down Down Down To Mephisto’s Cafe … Ska Punk at its poppy tops, uber catchy and full of brass
3, The Living End – Living For The Weekend … Aussie rockers show the way in melody, attitude and infectious rocking
4, The Blackout – Prepare for a Wound … Screamo angst punk with just enough pop to ensure plenty of snap and crackle.
5, Band Of Horses … Is There A Ghost … Beautiful Indie rocker with a grandeur sound and amazing atmospheric vocal prowess
6, Against Me – Stop! … Bostonian celtic punks lay back on this little gem
7, Les Savy Fav – The Year before the Year 2000 … Super track from the newly reformed and latest indie buzz heroes
8, Dashboard Confessional – Where Theres Gold … Dashboard never fail to pen a decent acoutic pop anthem or two
9, A Wilhelm Scream – The Horse … Where punk meets metal, this is an axe slinging stonker with endless energy and racious melodic guitar riffage
10, Holy Fuck – Lovely Allen … Sweet melody wrapped up in an evil electro groove
11, Justice – D.A.N.C.E. … French electronic dance music which has cut a groove right next to daftpunk with their sample loaded bass heavy floor filler
12, High On Fire – Fury Whip … New challengers to the prog metal throne
13, Buckethead – Brewer In The Air … Gun’s & Roses temporary guest guitarist playing his own metallic melodic guitar intrumentals
14, The Rumble Strips – Alarm Clock … Fun Fun Fun from the band who are not so dissimilar to Dexy’s Midnight Runners
15, The Starting Line – 21 … Punk-Popper to brighten the short nights.

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