Monthly Mixtapes: March 08

My Mixtape

Seeing as the February Mixtape was lost on the information super highway during a server swap, here’s a whole new version of Mixtape 11! This time for March

Mixtape#10 – March 08

1, Pete & The Pirates – Mr. Understanding … Readings new pop saviours have a real gem here! Instant Classic Indie!
2, Tiny Masters Of Tomorrow – Radio Riot … Short burst of raw retro punk swagger from youthful duo
3, These New Puritans – Numerology .. Art rock which just might be too clever for its own good
4, We Are Scientists – After Hours … Return to form from the WAS guys on their hit and miss new album Brain Thrust Mystery
5, Frank Turner – Thatcher Fucked The Kids … Hilariously Blunt Politcal & Social commentary on acoustic anti-folk classic
6, Newton Faulkner – Gone In The Morning … A cracking song about my least favourite thing, getting out of bed!
7, Mars Volta – Wax Simulacra … New levels of prog-funk wierdmness from their latest LP
8, Sonic Boom Six – The Rape Of Punk To Come … Genre warping rap/ska/punk collective from Manchester with pop sensibilities
9, Moldy Peaches – Anybody Else But You … Such a beautiful song which shines from the cracking movie Juno!!!
10, Sons & Daughters – Guilt Complex … Country inflexed rockers hit a high with a cracking indie rock tune
11, The Mae Shi – Pwned … Bleeping Bips, Bleeting Bops line this funky dance fused indie track
12, Horrorpops – Where You Can’t Follow … Surf Punk rock sounds great with its fuzzed up female attitude
13, Foals – Cassius … Lead single from latest odd indie popsters to hit the big time
14, Los Campesinos – Dont Tell Me To Do The Math(s) … Indie is the word here with true left field pop melodies with a sprinkling of twee
15, Flogging Molly – Requeim For A Dying Song … Celtic Punks from California produce this mons Pop Punk Anthem

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