Heaven’s Basement

I would like to introduce a band very close to my heart…

Heavens Basement

Heaven’s Basement are new in one respect and not on the other. They have in fact risen out of the ashes of a the great modern Classic Rock band Roadstar!!

Roadstar split the other year rather abruptly after releasing the amazing Grand Hotel, with management issues being cited as the major cause. But thankful to us all they have all remained working together and have returned to rock music in the shape of Heaven’s Basement.

Heaven’s Basement’s sound is still faintly recognisable as Roadstar with Richie still taking vocal duties, but they have moved on to darker and less pristine orientations. Not such a bad thing as these new tracks rock ever bit as hard as anything Roadstar produced with thundering riffs and sublime solo’s.

One bad thing is they have already spoken out to notify all those wishing to hear Roadstar material at gigs, will be sadly disappointed. Personally I’m just glad their back! (Maybe they will change their minds later)

Tour Dates can be found here
Tracks are now streaming from their website: www.heavensbasement.com

Heavens Basement

Photo courtesy of bitchinrockphotos.com.

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