Monthly Mixtapes: May 08

My Mixtape

Mixtape#11 – May 08

1, Royworld – Dust … Dropped out of Dot to Dot at the last minute, good job this track is ace then!
2, Alphabeat – Fascination … Wonky pop tour headliners with some not so wonky pop, pop, pop.
3, Apocalyptica – I Don’t Care … Rocking out with 4 cellos, idea may be strange but this track is awesome!
4, Frank Turner – Long Live The Queen … Amazing song about a lost friend, sung with true heartfelt honesty!
5, Thrice – Sky Is Falling … More beautiful post hardcore prog melodies from this American changeling band
6, We Are Wolves – Magique … With Electrock on the uprise once again, keep a tag on this band
7, 1990s – You Make Me Like It … One of my favourite pop bands without the over hype and huge radio abuse
8, Flight of The Conchords – Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros … Stars of hit TV comedy release debut album, this is a cracking tongue in cheek hip-hop number
9, Ida Maria – Oh My God… Fresh female fronted indie rockers who have a huge bad of pop hits, plus they are great live!
10, Palladium – High Five … Campness is the word for this 80’s influenced electro pop outfit, Keyboardist is absolutely hilarious (complete with silver glittered visor!!)
11, Envelopes – Smoke in The Desert, Hide In The Grass … Indie pop which is worthy of your attention
12, Glasvegas – Daddy’s Gone… Noisy, Moody, dark, brooding indie rock. Intensely performed on the live stage.
13, Stonerider – Juice Man … Hard rock, twinned with Guns n’ Roses, great riffs and mega catchy
14, Two Gallants – Steady Rollin’ … Alt Country with a southern feel, heartfelt lyrics and a sweet swagger
15, Rufio – Out Of Control … Pop Punk Anthem!

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