Shout Out Loud!!

Shout Out Louds, The Brunettes @ Bush Hall, Shepherds Bush, London
21st April

Lighthearted pop was the game this evening and what better way to start off the evening with some New Zealanders vagabonds, namely The Brunettes. I was quite disappointed given the name of the band that there was only 1 woman in the ensemble and she was blonde (can you call a guy Brunette?). Despite the false advertising The Brunettes were lets say “pretty” with plenty of quirks and fun little pop melodies. Substance was not at stake here as most tracks drifted gently over the too cool for school crowd.

Live they sounded better then what I imagined given it’d heard a few album tracks (which they were only plugging quite annoyingly every 30 seconds), but nothing to write home about. Given their home is so far away too, i’d save the postage money.

The Brunettes
The Brunettes

Shout Out Louds are another band who mis-advertise themselves. Without a raised voice or strained vocal in sight these Swedish indie pop maestros take the stage. With a bag chocked full of mega infectious inspired tunes they cant help but radiate fun and danceability. The usual array of odd twee instruments were in display here, with my favourite being the Cowbell on their single Impossible.

Shout Out Louds
Shout Out Louds

I fell in love with these guys after their first album Howl Howl Gaff Gaff, and they satisfied my hunger for those tunes by playing rocky strummer Please Please Please, electro fueled Don’t Call It A Comeback and the funkalicious Shut Your Eye’s. This was a feel good set of happy pop tunes which drill deep into your subconscious, so much so they played on a loop in my head the whole way home! Sweden has never had it so good!

Shout Out Louds

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