When Dinosaur (Jr.) ruled the Earth

Somewhere in the midst of time and space this gig skipped my review radar, so here is what i remember from a night that time forgot…

I can’t so much as remember what the support bands name was but their ethos was “lets play some stupidly loud and pointless noise rock rumblings”. Vocals were a non-starter and effects pedals drenched the already heavily distorted guitars to form a lumbering beast of ear shattering proportions. As you might have guessed, I didn’t like them at all, probably because I didn’t really <em>”get”</em> them, as Mr Flowers suggested. He seemed to think they were OK though.

As if from the prehistoric era the silver haired axe wielder <em>J. Mascis</em> turned to his triple-stack of Marshall amplification (yes that’s right, 3 full size stacks… he seriously means business) and plugs us in for a thrilling ride through how rock music should sound.

J. Mascis
J. Mascis

<strong>Dinosaur Jr.</strong> , veterans of the late 80/90’s US alternative rock scene brought some huge fuzz riffing, wailing melodic solos, scintillating shredding and a stadium sized bag of bass to Koko this evening. Singing has never been their strong point, but their low key almost spoken vocals retained their laid back nature live. Newer hits from their latest album stood up against their older material with <em>Pick me Up</em> and <em>Almost Ready</em> being up there in the show highlights.
Dinosaur Jnr
Dinosaur Jr.

For old guys, this was a great show which shows some of the new brigade how rock was …When Dinosaur (Jr.) ruled the earth. The next few days deafness had never sounded so good.

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