Top Tracks of 2008: 25-1

The Conclusion to the best tracks of 2008…

25, Cage the Elephant – In One Ear … Simple Blues still prevails!

24, Buckcherry – A Child Called ‘It’ … Big riffs, big issues, big hit!

23, Guns’n Roses – Better … The wait was long (14 Years)….but it isn’t as bad as I feared!

22, Apocalyptica – I Dont Care … Its amazing what you can do with a guest Vocalist and 4 Cellos!

21, Ida Maria – I Like You So Much Better When Your Naked … A whole bundle of fun with these infectious pop rocksters!

20, Bloc Party – One Month Off … Triumphant return to form!

19, Johnny Foreigner – End of Everything After … Some of the best new indie music to come out of the UK this year.

18, Cut Copy – Feel the Love … Australian electro kicks ass!

17, Stone Gods – Don’t Drink The Water … Remnants of The Darkness go from strength to strength on this cracking rocker!

16, Mae Shi – Run To Your Grave … Indie Electro with a catchy as hell keys.

15, Rise Against – Kotov Syndrome … Politically charged punk with unexpected brilliance

14, Flight of The Conchords – Hiphopopotumus Vs Rhymenoceros … You can’t fault the comedy rapping of the Conchords!! There ain’t no party like my nana’s tea Party!

13, Foxy Shazam – The Rocketeer … Eclectic piano bashing, crazy singer and trashing guitars make a beautiful mess of a track.

12, The Hold Steady – Constuctive Summer … Highlight of their new LP

11, The Gaslight Anthem – Great Expectations … Fantastic american thinking mans punk with lyrics drilling deep into your subconcious.

10, Pete & The Pirates – Mr. Understanding … Pop never sounded quite so superb!

9, Friendly Fires – In The Hospital … New electro complete with cowbells, dance beats and funky rythmns runs in its veins.

8, Raconteurs – Salute Your Solution … Jack and Brendon doing what they do best, blast out the blues rock!

7, Enjoy Destroy – LBJ … Politically charged rocking ballad, so catchy you’ll be humming it all year… i have been!

6, The Killers – Human … A superb offering with pumping electro and the usual killers nonsence lyrics.

5, Motion City Soundtrack – Point Of Extinction (Acoustic) … Taken from their Acoustic Ep this stripped down version of this ace MCS track. Characteristic idiosyncratic lyrics take the limelight as they rightly should. Packed with fun and pop brilliance.

4, Black Tide – Warriors of Time … Fantastic mixing in the hard rock/metal melting pot track of no nonsens Iron Maider influenced rock and roll. Great riffage and blazing guitars rule this roost!

3, Black Stone Cherry – Things My Father Said … Huge power ballad with more than a few cheesy lyrics. Yet its uplifting and emotionally charged hard rock at its soppiest.

2, Rose Hill Drive – Sneak Out … On this form these guy shoudl be massive. Huge chugging bluesy riffs with catchy lyrics, a cracking solo and super melodic breakdowns.

1, Frank Turner – Long Live The Queen … The most amazing track filled with simple catchy strumming, superb heartfelt lyrics about a friend who passed away. Simply stunning song which despite being sad is soo uplifting, the hallmark of a classic!

Top Tracks of 2008: 50-26

As you may have noticed from the lack of posts I’ve been very busy over the last 5 months. The main reason behind this is the fact that I am 4 months into a round the world adventure. Being on the road has left me gigless and unable to afford as much music as I would like.

However, have still been checking out and listening to alot of music as I circumnavigate the world on planes, trains and automobiles and there has been some great music released in 2008. So in addition to the annual top 10 albums list, i’ve been busy on putting together my top 50 tracks of 2008 (no repeating artists of course) which have been keeping my spirits high. Links below are of unverified quality, there is only so much you can do with slow hostel internet connections!

Top 50 Tracks of 2008

50, Weezer – Pork And Beans … Weezer return with this long and fun song from their 3rd self titled album!

49, Supergrass – Bad Blood … Can’t deny supergrass can pen a feelgood hit or two when they put their minds to it!

48, Mars Volta – Wax Simulacra … Screwball prog antics again from the Volta’s

47, Glasvegas – Daddy’s Gone … Depressed? You will be after listening to this!

46, Vampire Weekend – A-Punk … Ivy leaguers produce some summery goodness!

45, Mayday Parade – Jersey … Probably the best and catchiest Pop-Punk anthem of the year!

44, Local H – Jesus Christ, Did You See the SIZE of That Sperm Whale? … From the suprisingly good concept album about a beakup!

43, Lifehouse – Who We Are … American middle of the road, but i love it anyways!

42, Band of Horses – Is There A Ghost … Dreamy indie with the repeat lyrics never fails to draw you in.

41, Voodoo Six – Faith … Southern rock inspired, huge thundering riffs and classic vocalist.

40, Mae – Brink of Disaster … Electro laced indie rock from little known americans!

39, Story Of he Year – Tell Me (P.A.C.) … American big radio hit, but you cant deny its catchiness.

38, Feeder – I Miss You … Return to former selves afetr the glum of recent offerings

37, Rolo Tomassi – I Love Turbulence … Craze Spazcore jazz/metal/electro is intense, barrage of noise is cool!

36, We Are Scientists – After Hours … Oddball second album produced this great song.

35, Futureheads – The Beginning Of The Twist … Poppy indie anthem.

34, Joe Satriani – I Wanna Rock … Guitar Gods story of a robot sent to Earth with on mission! To ROCK!

33, Bullet For My Valentine – Scream Aim Fire … Welsh metalheads with another cracking track

32, Stonerider – Rush Hour Baby … Guns’n Roses better watch out, these guys are after their crown.

31, Shinedown – Devour … Second Lp brings more hard rock highlights.

30, The Trews – I Can’t Stop Laughing … My fav canadians return with feelgood hit!

29, Phantom Planet – Do The Panic … Theres more to Phantom Planet that just “that” song

28, Los Campesinos – You Me…Dancing! … Indie darlings hit the spot on this fun eclectic track

27, Thrice – The Sky Is Falling … Progressive beauty from the reformed punksters

26, Be Your Own Pet – The Kelly Affair … Punk full of youthful energy and naivity