Does It Rock?

Welcome to!

We are a small group of guys with drastically different musical tastes who have banded together on the endless journey to answer one of lifes most perplexing questions. Does It Rock? It won’t be easy but I think were up for the challenge. As we listen, read about, witness so much music it’s about time we documented it all,  as well as providing an entertaining read!

We will be bringing you a huge range of musical goodness from tales of our gig going exploits in London, opinions on new releases, breaking bands, news and Spotify playlists plus everything else from our favourite bands and the world of rock and roll.

Above all we write here for fun and to promote our favourite arists in the hope of becoming rich, famous and respected music commentators feared by all…sorry, got a little carried away there, we can but dream hey!! We are rock fans and we write about it too.

Bon Scott once said, “Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution, Rock and Roll Ain’t Gonna Die”, so we’ll be here bringing you the best of it!

And so it begins … … Rock On!

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