Top Tracks of 2009

Here’s what you have all been waiting for… The Top Tracks of 2009 as selected by the authors of!!

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50, Doves – Kingdom of Rust: Wild west meets indie rock, it has a xylaphone too!

49, Mastodon – Divinations: Progressive metallers have produced a gnarling beast set to take over the earth.

48, …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of The Dead – Ascending
: Epic wall of guitar noise from these alt rock odballs!

47, Seasick Steve – Man From Another Time: Brilliant blues of the ancient variety and rambings of an old travelling man.

46, The Rakes –  The Light From Your Mac: Rakes are back and with a crafty little riff too.

45, Peter Doherty – Salome
: Headline…Pete Doherty makes lovely music! There’s one thats not in the papers!

44, Mae – The Fisherman Song (We All Need Love): Emo outfit with this 8 min epic, sometime rock, others sweet but utterly compelling!

43, Jet – She’s A Genius: Riff driven pop rockers back where they belong…in the charts!

42, All Time Low – Weightless: Pop Punk Anthem of the year! You know, one from the radio that you can’t get out of your head…that one!

41, The Von Bondies – Shut Your Mouth: Von Bondies are back and riffing the blues on this rocky number.

40, Fake Problems – Don’t Worry Baby: Happy go lucky tune from often overlooked american band

39, PJ Harvey – Black Hearted Love: Alternative mainstay PJ produces a whole hearted darkly moody tune which is as catchy as it is downbeat.

38, Florence + The Machine – Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up): This years UK indie Queen with some beautiful pop musings.

37, Brand New – At The Bottom: Beautifully atmospheric and blisteringly loud in the same track, Brand New are back.

36, Weezer – (If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To: Jam-esque guitars drive another cracking melody from the geek rockers we all love.

35, Lily Allen – Not Fair: Witty social commentary took a wrong turn and ended up on a texas cowboy ranch, quirky and highly enjoyable.

34, Rodrigo y Gabriella – Buster Voodoo:
Acoustic duo play some of the most impressive twin harmonies on the planet!

33, Galvatrons – Cassandra: Van Halen lovers unite! Throwback to 80’s metal with these new Aussie Rockers!

32, Green Day – 21 Guns: Who knew? Green Day do great ballads!

31, Dance Gavin Dance – Carl Barker: Progressive Post rock with cracking guitar work morphs and melds into a super left field anthem.

30, Them Crooked Vultures – Mind Eraser, No Chaser: Supergroup of the decade with a burning  bluesy scuzz number.

29, Johny Foreigner – Feels Like Summer: Screwball pop with girl/boy vocal combo is utterly compelling!

28, Hockey – Song Away: Short and sweet cheery pop you’ll be humming all day.

27, Eels – My Timing Is Off: Mr E’s melancholy is brilliantly understated slice of pop.

26, Regina Spektor – Eet: Angelic piano songstress Regina’s voice is as beautiful as ever.

25, Chickenfoot – Soap On A Rope: Put Joe Satriani, Sammy Hagar and Marc Anthony together and your get classic rock perfection!

24, The Dead Weather – Treat Me Like Your Mother: Jack White’s umpteenth side project is another success

23, Prodigy – Omen: Bip bip beeping electro dance-rock, back to the old school we go!

22, Metric – Help I’m Alive: Haunting vocals of indie queen Emily Haines acompany this cool electro track with a uber-catchy melody.

21, Future of the Left – Arming Eritrea: Crazy vocals and thumping fuzz riffs dominate this energetic party starter

20, Dinosaur Pile-up – Summer Hit Single: Grunge on the rise again thanks to this cracking tune!

19, Empire of the Sun – Walking On A Dream: Surreal soundscapes for another planet has landed, walking on a dream indeed!

18, Art Brut – DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshake: Fun bursting tune, a tribute to being oung at heart!

17, The Answer – On and On: Big things are expected since the AcDc support slot, on this form they will fill the shoes perfectly.

16, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – Zero: Oozeing NY cool and reinventing disco chic, Karen O has another spectacular track to her name.

15, Muse – Unnatural Selection: Bellamy’s s epic space opera lands with this monster riffing theatrical masterpiece.

14, New Device – Takin’ Over: Hard hitting hooks combined with wailing lead guitar licks provide the backdrop on which New Device will launch to stardom.

13, Kasabian – Fire: Downbeat melodies have been perfected on Kasabians last LP, this being the pick of the bunch.

12, Wolfmother – Sundial: Heavy effect saturated riffing on this superb trip back to the days when rock ruled the earth.

11, The Parlor Mob – Everything Your Breathing For: Jack white has competetion with this superb country blues rocker flaring it’s skills.

10, Grammatics – D.I.L.E.M.M.A: Indie pop heaven with this beautiful layered track full of eclectic bliss.

9, Kram – Silk Suits: Insanely catchy melody with simplicity at its heart! Drums and guitars and voices, sublime!

8, Steel Panther – Party All Day: Glam rockers and 80’s throwbacks are all cliche! Lyrics based upon Sex drugs and more sex their humourus lyrics are laugh out loud funny. Justin Hawkins lends a vocal hand on the most insanely catchy chorus on the whole list!

7, Thrice – Doublespeak: Beautiful balance of laid back piano melodies and hard hitting all out rock.

6, Hot Leg – Cocktails: Superb single from the former Darkness frontman’s new outfit! 80’s keyboards, a cracking melody, tongue in cheek humour blasted by ‘that’ falsetto!

5, Franz Ferdinand – No You Girls: Funky dancefloor filler marks a triumphant return to form for the scottish trailblazers.

4, Dananananaykroyd – Black Wax: Debut album alt rock freak-outs make way for flowing spiky guitars and a cheery pop anthem from Scotlands latest pride.

3, Biffy Clyro – That Golden Rule: Prog slantings and heavy riffs is the crowing achievement of the DoesItRock album of 2009.

2, Frank Turner – The Road: Punks lost son produces a sure-fire radio hit which is both catchy, melodic and feel-good! Frank takes you on a journeyman’s tale of living and rocking with you the listener as avid passengers!

1, Heaven’s Basement – Executioners Day: Rock music of the highest echelon! Stunning riffs, monster melodys, heavy hooks and scorching solos. Loud, proud with building crecendo’s galore and about as many euphoric highs as you can get in one track from the greatest new band of 2009!

Looking forward to another rocking year in 2010!

Albums of 2009: 5 – 1

Spotify Playlist for the top albums of 2009 can be found here… Does It Rock Albums of 2009

5) Hot Leg – Red Light Fever

Hot Leg - Red Light Fever

Hot Leg bring back the ‘amps to 11’ classic rock  with the return of the one and only spandex clad rocker Justin Hawkins. Justin has re-emerged blonder than usual post-drug addiction with  a sense of humour firmly in tact alongside his guitar genius, not forgetting his crafty skill of writing great pop tunes.

If you have a sense of humour the lyrics on Red Light Fever will definitely please. Lines like “Fame Academy, Pop-Idol, Are Making Me Suidical” & “It’s only because we watch this S**t that they keep on making more of it” on the talent show mocking Ashamed. “Cock Cock Cock Cock…..tails” screams the soaring queen-esque falsetto on Cocktails, not forgetting this line from Chickens a nonsensical tribute to living on your own “And the clock just keeps on ticking, There’s nothing here but this chicken”. Vocals (from Justin’s self proclaimed Truth Larynx) on this album are superb with his superhuman falsetto. Hawkins is surely one of the rock vocalists of the decade.

Vocals aside the rock never stops with huge power chords leading cracking melodies throughout this top notch album. Hot Leg are set apart from their counterparts with their use of the keyboards to bolster their rock sound, Cocktails has a distinctly 80s electro feel before exploding into their most catchy track with great melodies and a superb guitar solo as well. Their pop slantings are ever present with uber-infectious melodies and instantly lovable chorus’ flowing through the heart of this album.

If you want a hard rocking album packed with mammoth riffs, catchy melodies, fun times, chuckles galore and an epic singalong…what your looking for is Red Hot Fever.

Top Track: Cocktails – Keyboards, Guitars, Fun, Riffs, Falsetto’s, Solo’s, Melody and Catchiness … What more could you wish for?

4) Future of the Left – Travels With Myself And Another
Future of the Left - Travels With Myself And Another
Alternative rock stalwarts are back with another album packed with left field tunes, effect loaded riffs and a racious attitude fuelling their down and dirty rock. Each track on this album is a superbly brilliant boulder sized chunk of in your face guitar. Clocking in at only 33 minutes this really is a blistering record of alt rock without any filler, only great tight songwriting, infectious melodies and cracking tunes remain.  Arming Eritrea is the fist clenched opener which sets the tone of the album, loud! Throwing Bricks at Trains is electro gone mad with a madly catchy little melody, That Damned Fly showcases a fun little guitar riff while the flowing down-tempo foot stomp style of The Hope That House Built gives one of the only resting points on the album.

FotL’s attraction is their catchy guitars, beefed up by the fuzz pedals with oddball vocals balancing their alt styling, not forgetting a considerable dose of pop. FotL have notched up a fine high calibre album with Travels with Myself an Another which is unparalleled with it equal measures of attitude and rock spirit!

Top Track: Throwing Bricks at Trains – Dirty in your face electro riffing with a super infectious melody, not to be ignored

3) Kasabian – West  Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum

Kasabian - West  Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum

Kasabian have turned their style inside out and produced a glistening album with down-tempo rhythms and mellow fuzz fueled genius. Gone is the soaring electro and in with the acoustic guitars playing some of their most memorable hooks. Their mellow moments are beautiful and serene, but do not fear a total reinvention. Fuzzed up simplicity marks some of the best tunes on the LP. On Fire and Underdog are both perfect examples of the electro fused riffing infused with some groovy melodies which shine so brightly. The band work engine plays such a pivotal role on this album with each track driven by simple yet infectious bass thump and snare kick. Vocals are suitable drifty and a superb addition to the atmosphere created. Kasabian have reinvented themselves and have come up trumps!

Top Track: Where Did All The Love Go – Infectious vocals, dreamlike surrealism, bass and drum in perfect harmony, muted power chords plus a shakin’ tambourine…what more can you wish for?

2) Dananananaykroyd – Hey Everyone

Dananananaykroyd - Hey Everyone

Debut record from these Glaswegian indie rockers has youthful exuberance and angular guitars in seemingly inexhaustible abundance. Their self proclaimed “Fight Pop” is a pretty accurate description of their sound, purposeful melodies and tight hooks are combined with moments of freak-out glory to create superb post-hardcore noise rock. Put twin vocalists into the action and you really have true fisticuffs unfolding. Lyrics are pretty much undecipherable for the casual listener but this does not take the shine off this accomplished debut. Mostly melodic, often beautiful and always a riot Dananananaykoyd have produced a first album with immense potential!

Top Track: Pink Sabbath – Rapid-fire vocals, an uber catchy melody with immensely thumping guitars rises to many a crescendo without the usual drop off. Energizing and brilliant slice of rock!

1) Biffy Clyro – Only Revolutions


2009 belongs to Biffy Clyro!

They have come along way from their prog past as their latest album picks up where 2007’s sublime Puzzle left off with an alternative sound which is irresistible for all audiences. They mix classical instrumentation, soaring vocals and freak-out guitars to create a masterpiece of alternative rock palatable by even the most devout pop fan. Each song has a remarkable gift of being instantly recognisable upon its first listen. From then on you’re incessantly raving about just how good they are (or at least I was).

Simon Neil’s vocals drive huge rousing chorus’s like true stadium rockers, weaving lyrically transfixing stories  as well as a scattering aggressively fragile growls! Hooks galore and wonderful melodies are at the heart of Biffy’s genius with the superb mid tempo riffer Born on a Horse, the anthemic chorus of Bubbles and the pop monster of Mountains. That Golden Rule is Biffy at their best, fusing heavy handed alt-rock riffs with rapid-fire lyrics, epic string instrumentation all infused with non-stop energy and musical prowess.

When Biffy drop their rock guards and strum their acoustic guitars they are mesmerizing! God & Satan is a beautiful track with layered acoustics and lyrics, Many of Horrors is a most unassuming ballad with its grandeur sound,  backing strings and a heartfelt soaring chorus.

Biffy Clyro has managed a superb album which maintains its impeccable standard over all 12 tracks! Only Revolutions rock out with the best of the alternative giants, out ballads the pop maestro’s and out performs all others in 2009! Mon The Biffy!

Top Track: This Golden Rule – Everything you ever want from a pop-rock classic and with a great prog edge

Spotify Playlist for the top albums can be found here… Does It Rock Albums of 2009

Albums of 2009: 10 – 6

In a satisfactory break from those incredible cool indie end of year lists here are the 10 albums which have been stuck on the collective DiR hearts, minds and stereos in 2009. Here a list which rocks!

10) The Blackout – Best in Town

The Blackout - Best in Town

In a year without new released from Funeral For a Friend and with Lost Prophets comeback emerging in early 2010, this years Post-Hardcore/Punk fusion post was filled by The Blackout. They not only filled the void but produced a superb album sure to set them on the same path as their predecessors to stardom. Angry gut wrenching screams are countered with melodic punk vocals to give each track an dark and light side. The Dark is bursting with evil energy and tie that with razor sharp thrashed riffs you get one hell of a potent beast. The Light is the shining pop core upon which the huge singalong chorus’ and strong melodic vocals are built upon. Heavy rocker The Fire really grabs the bulls by the horns and Shut The Fuck Uppercut is a statement of big angry guitars from the word go, where as Top Of The World even borders on balladry! The Blackout have quite possibly leapfrogged the big boys to become to most sought after welsh rockers.

Top Track: The Fire – Blazing guitars and fast paced punked up rock with serious metal urges.

9) The Parlor Mob – And You Were A Crow
The Parlor Mob - And You Were A Crow

One of the years best debut records comes from this standout new band from America pay homage to country blues with a dash of jack white guitars, a whole heap of great songwriting and superbly delivered vocals. At their best when playing complex bluesy melodies then firing up the fuzz for some excellent guitar solo’s. This album packed full of big riffs which are sure to please any blues-men of this or any era. Standout tracks include the rolling and a stomping   of Dead Wrong and the retro styled rocker The Kids . Bursting with epic potential, a huge rival for The Raconteurs they are sure to be. Live Review from their tour with Black Stone Cherry here…

Top Track: Everything You’re Breathing For – Slow gradually building melodic riffs which explodes with each chorus into a joyous romp of a blues classic, Not to mention a solo of which Jack White would be proud.

8 ) Prodigy – Invaders Must Die


Invaders Must Die sports one of the best starts to any album this year: as soon as you hear the ominous rumbling bass beats of the title track joined by that simple guitar riff you know you’re in for a treat. It’s not long after that they’re joined by thumping drums and an announcement from (guest vocalist) RoboCop saying,

“The Prodigy have returned, and they’re going to rave like it’s 1992.”

And you think, why not? It might not be the nineties anymore, but if it’s alright for RoboCop it’s alright for me.

It’s a familiar sound: drum machines fused with buzzing guitars and electronic doo-berries and now middle-aged spiky haired fellas screaming punk vocals. So it’s not revolutionary, but you’ll be hard pressed to find many other albums this year providing as much energy and riffage as this one.

Top Track: Omen – you know the one, it’s off the TV advert for the album. It goes doooo dii-di-da-di-da doo0 da-di-da-di-da…

7) Art Brut – Art Brut Vs Satan

Art Brut Vs Satan

Somehow these guys are still relatively unknown to the world and under appreciated in most critic’s eye. Yet with Art Brut Vs Satan they have produced a fine collection of punk anthems.  Melodies are inventive as ever plus there is a bursting youthful exuberance to this album which gives it such charm and likability.  Their angular striking chords are lovable poet-like vocals are the driving force of their sound. Weaving social commentary and wit, vocal stories from front man Eddie Argos are their greatest strength with no track more captivating that the adolescent tribute of “DC Comics & Chocolate Milkshake”. Eddie takes a tongue in cheek look at public transport in “The Passenger” as well as showing love for “The Replacements” and DIY punk in “Slap Dash for No Cash”.

Art Brut are a criminally underestimated band who deserve more recognition. Against Satan they stand no chance but albums like this they may just win over the record buying public. 

Top Track: DC Comics And Chocolate Milkshake – Showing their youthful side on this great catchy tune.

6) Manchester Orchestra – Mean Everything To Nothing

Mean Everything To Nothing

Listening to this album for the first time is a revelation. What is revealed is just how damn great it is! Ditching the softer outlooks of albums previous American indie rockers Manchester Orchestra have adopted a heavier and louder sound on their latest album Mean Everything To Nothing. Yet this is probably the most emotive album on this countdown and vocalist Andy Hull is the reason for this. Lyrically this album is superb while being delivered in a distinctively cracked American accent loaded with passion and enthusiasm. Shake It Out is a perfect example of his fragile yet powerful vocal performance which is backed with an epic instrumental ready to swell your soul. I’ve Got Friends is an infectiously upbeat rocker with burning rhythm guitars and a clever hook while album opener The Only One is a keyboard laced optimistic romp of uplifting pop. Mean Everything to Nothing is grand indie rock with an honest heart, without being too soppy for all those about to rock!

Top Track: Here Comes A Hot One – Lyrics are just stunning, Hull’s vocals are a true triumph!

Albums of 2009:Part 2 to follow tomorrow…

Black Stone Cherry @ Hammersmith Apollo, London

15th October 2009

Another new acquisition to the O2 live music brand was the setting for this evenings rocking antics. Hammersmith Apollo has had a facelift, a few licks of paint here and there hasn’t done much for the place however, still it remains the better of the 2 large theatre venues in London.

Back here this evening was a band I first witnessed at Hyde Park Calling in the summer of 2007. Then again as one of the last bands I had the fortune of seeing at the now deceased London Astoria. Black Stone Cherry have clearly increased their fan base since them and a date at the Apollo is only what they really deserve.

They brought with them 2 US based support bands the first being one of the standout new groups from 2009, The Parlor Mob. These guys were quite unassuming in their appearance but their music really does demand your attention. Steeped in old school blues and with more than their fair share of Jack White similarities they played some cracking basic hard rocking country blues. Their song craft is worthy of Raconteur comparisons and their melodic solos were a match (and a sound-a-like) for Jack himself. These guys made a big impression on me and I’m giving these a firm thumbs up!

Now I have hear that you should never meet your idols as you will only be disappointed, this couldn’t have been more true tonight. Next up were the new band of one of the founding members of the greatest hard rock band of the 80’s, responsible for some of the most recognisable anthems of the generation…Ex-Guns n’ Roses bass guitarist Duff Mackagan. Loaded are a fuelled up mix of sleaze punk, classic rock and hard rock. The image was perfect for the genre too, so long as you only looked at Duff! His bands style choice from the overweight podgy dad like lead guitarist to the dull bassist only Duffs leather, tattooed powerful arms and his striking white and black Les Paul did the band any justice. Their music was not particularly good either, loud and well performed their tracks were not interesting and beyond their recycled riffs and the one string solos they had limited appeal and not a great deal to offer.

This is probably why the biggest cheer of the night arrived when Duff introduced a special guest James Bradfield, Lead guitarist and singer of The Manic Street Preachers to play their cover of the Gun’s and Roses classic It’s So Easy. This was superb the clear highlight of a very ordinary set (I think the Docktor would have nodded off if it wasn’t for the whole standing up issue).

Black Stone Cherry’s triumphant return to London was greeted with the roar of the huge crowd pack in here adorning the usual array of classic rock T-shirts from Led Zep to Lynyrd Skynyrd. It’s these two bands that BSC combine to such great effects. The huge blues riffs of zep channelled through the southern rock roots of Skynyrd with maybe a side dose of Black Crowes results in the spectacle on show this evening. Still amazingly young they play like touring veterans, effects galore, lights everywhere and special effect mics added to the spectacle.

Touring here this evening on the crest of their latest album Folklore and Superstition the new tracks sounded great and were well worthy the grand venue they filled. Blind Man set the tone for the evening, a bluesed up southern rock with some vocal hooks ready to land jaws himself. More rockers followed in this energetic set with hard rocker Shooting Star, country blues of Tired of The Rain, scream along Rain Wizard and guitar totting The Bitter End.

For the second show in succession the ballads took centre stage once again with the absolutely super (if a tad preachy) Peace is Free. Its message is simple and if everyone had this much passion to change the world, earth would be in safe hands. Acoustics were simple but beautiful and were equally matched for effect by the colossal sing along of “Don’t you bring your sadness down on me, when peace is free”, poignant and honestly spoken.

The second stunning ballad of the evening is epic tribute to a father lost (familiar?). Things My Father Said is an open hearted, endearing and emotional track in which singer Chris Robertson pours every last breath into soaring his vocals skyward, dad would be proud. This tune has an effect on everyone here, the transparent. Simple lyrics and beautiful arrangement is a superb statement of great song writing written true from the heart.

During the encore break, the now customary drum solo captivated a huge crowd for a seemingly endless mesmeric performance with his bare hands slapping the skins John Bonham Style. Showmanship was at its peak post the band returning jamming their blues of yesteryear tribute with a heavy handed version of The Hoochie Coochie Man. As if originality was running out they employed another of their old tricks…playing a stunning guitar flaring version of Jimi’s Voodoo Chile, again each playing their guitars behind their head as the track climaxed. (It was as if I’d seen this bit all before)

An epic rendition of Lonely Train played us out tonight, it was played with so much vigour they could have snapped their guitars in half turning it into a thrash metal moshers paradise. A triumphant return for one of the top rock bands of the Noughties.

Johnny Foreigner @ Relentless Garage, Highbury Corner, London

10th October 2009

The worst thing any gig goer can hope to see was standing in our path as the DoesItRock team headed to Highbury Corner for one of the most exciting screwball pop bands around…Underground Engineering Works.

Despite this we arrived eventually after braving the rail replacement services, London Overground and the mean streets of Hackney. It really wasn’t worth getting here this early however as Japanese Voyeurs entertained the early crowds.

Musically this band are quite impressive, heavy and full of riffs and attitude. Problem their singer sounds like a squeaky Janet Street Porter. So screechy it hurts! Alternative? Perhaps, but just too annoying to bear as I sink back into my happy beer land.

Hammersmith’s Tellison should really be bigger than their slot here warrants. A pop ethos,  great catchy tracks with multi vocalist’s and brain tunnelling melodies (plus a guitarist sporting a terrible moustache). Tracks such as Gallery and Disaster! Disaster! Were big crowd favourites as the dancing began in earnest. The large ensemble onstage produced a hard working set full of energy and just good pop songs. Criticism if any falls at the feet of the immediately likable lead singer who could quite easily arrange the musicians roles better. Trying to play lead guitar when singing two vocal parts worked ok, but one feels he’s overloading himself in a very capable set of musicians. Massively enjoyable and one to check out later for sure!

I’ve read a lot about Johnny Foreigners intense and sublime live shows, which is always going to lead to a fall. However they managed to almost live to their billing! All set long the lead guitarist playing some of the most inventive and fuzzed riffs while attempting to sing rapid-fire lyrics. His vocals got muffled a lot of the time and sometimes he’d miss the mic altogether after blasting out more fizzing guitar lines. There lies the problem of being a lead singer/guitarist, musically this isn’t a problem here as he makes one hell of a racket, vocally something is missing. Good thing then for the female backing singer/bassist who kept the band together here tonight. Her superb, poppy and very cutesy vocals were the polar opposite of the lead singers. That doesn’t mean she can’t pull of crazy either, the odd welcome squeal and scream gave that added edge and depth most bands lack.

They played a variety of material from their debut LP as well as tracks from their new album. Seeing as their latest effort was yet to be released led to a static crowd for most of the new material. Despite this new tracks such as Feels Like Summer, and Criminals, were some of the best of the night. They are clearly going along the sing-along route as many a repeated lyric were cast back and forth between band and crowd to the great satisfaction of both parties. Each song was musically on the edge of craziness about to tip into insanity which gives Johnny Foreigner such a great must watch aura.

Track highlights from tonight were Feels Like Summer and its happy clapping sing-along, the electronic funfest of Salt Pepper & Spinderella not omitting the sparklingly great Eyes Wide Terrified. Final track provided a huge jam with the members of Tellison returning to hit drums and play as many instruments in true indie style.

Now despite playing out of their skin for this set I was shocked when they departed the stage after what seemed like a 45 minute set. Now I know they are intense, but 45 minutes! The crowd got restless which I could hardly blame as the lack of respect to their fans declining the chants for them to return to the stage. Feeling slightly dejected everyone turned towards the bar and went for a nightcap before calming down and reliving the high (and short)lights of what was a entertaining little show.

Jet @ The Forum, Kentish Town, London

Thursday 17 September 2009

HMV I will admit, have done some great work on The Forum since their takeover. Its now bright & clean(ish) inside, feels revitalised and is a completely different venue compared to its former self. However this has come at a price, quite a steep price actually. Ticket prices are up as well as the price of the flat substandard lager (£3.60!) a terrible showing HMV who are clearly making up for losses in the consumer industry by fleecing the gig going public. Shame on you!

Right, To the music. This evening’s solitary support band were Detroit Social Club. Their slant on alternative downbeat noise rock was rather pants. There we precious few melodies of note and even a couple of choice hooks were not enough to stop this set going down in flames. Crowd were absolutely non-responsive, probably all bored stiff by the lack on enthusiasm onstage or ranting at the price of a beer. Not the greatest start, neither the best choice of support group for the retro rockers who were to come.

Jet are back and have a new found optimism surrounding them post-family crisis which influences 2006’s Shine On so heavily. Their latest LP is a much rejuvenated band and this is exactly what the crowd got here this evening. A band full of good time feeling and rock and roll spirit driven by their rolling stones-esque riffing and a stomping.

The majority of the set, to my delight, came from their first breakthrough record Get Born which propelled them so rapidly into the mainstream. Tracks such as the spirited Rollover DJ, swagger loaded new single She’s A Genius, another newbie K.I.A. and their most recognised classic Are You Gonna Be My Girl ignited the early set and got the Forum jumping. Their live setup was unique, but brilliant…tag team singers with the brothers Cester on guitar and drums trading vocals to great effect.

The standout tracks here this evening were the ballads…and there were quite a few of them. Move On, was superb, followed by the almost as impressive Look What You’ve Done. It was the reaction from the crowd to these slow burning sing-along’s which sparked frontman Nic into saying.

We wouldn’t normally play this but we feel it’s all right this evening.

What followed was a piece of heartfelt majesty as jet played their tribute to their late father, shine on. This was clearly quite a tough track for the guys to play and the crowd felt the high levels of emotions on each piano beat.

Ending the evening on a brighter note they reverted yet again to their first LP and the energetic Get What You Need and the raucous rocker Get Me Out Of Here which is what we duly did…cue mass exodus onto the streets of Kentish town.

Solid and professional, Jet played to their strengths playing what seemed like 60 percent from album One not dwelling on their latest effort, many bands could learn a thing  or two from these great retro pop rockers.