Albums of 2009: 5 – 1

Spotify Playlist for the top albums of 2009 can be found here… Does It Rock Albums of 2009

5) Hot Leg – Red Light Fever

Hot Leg - Red Light Fever

Hot Leg bring back the ‘amps to 11’ classic rock  with the return of the one and only spandex clad rocker Justin Hawkins. Justin has re-emerged blonder than usual post-drug addiction with  a sense of humour firmly in tact alongside his guitar genius, not forgetting his crafty skill of writing great pop tunes.

If you have a sense of humour the lyrics on Red Light Fever will definitely please. Lines like “Fame Academy, Pop-Idol, Are Making Me Suidical” & “It’s only because we watch this S**t that they keep on making more of it” on the talent show mocking Ashamed. “Cock Cock Cock Cock…..tails” screams the soaring queen-esque falsetto on Cocktails, not forgetting this line from Chickens a nonsensical tribute to living on your own “And the clock just keeps on ticking, There’s nothing here but this chicken”. Vocals (from Justin’s self proclaimed Truth Larynx) on this album are superb with his superhuman falsetto. Hawkins is surely one of the rock vocalists of the decade.

Vocals aside the rock never stops with huge power chords leading cracking melodies throughout this top notch album. Hot Leg are set apart from their counterparts with their use of the keyboards to bolster their rock sound, Cocktails has a distinctly 80s electro feel before exploding into their most catchy track with great melodies and a superb guitar solo as well. Their pop slantings are ever present with uber-infectious melodies and instantly lovable chorus’ flowing through the heart of this album.

If you want a hard rocking album packed with mammoth riffs, catchy melodies, fun times, chuckles galore and an epic singalong…what your looking for is Red Hot Fever.

Top Track: Cocktails – Keyboards, Guitars, Fun, Riffs, Falsetto’s, Solo’s, Melody and Catchiness … What more could you wish for?

4) Future of the Left – Travels With Myself And Another
Future of the Left - Travels With Myself And Another
Alternative rock stalwarts are back with another album packed with left field tunes, effect loaded riffs and a racious attitude fuelling their down and dirty rock. Each track on this album is a superbly brilliant boulder sized chunk of in your face guitar. Clocking in at only 33 minutes this really is a blistering record of alt rock without any filler, only great tight songwriting, infectious melodies and cracking tunes remain.  Arming Eritrea is the fist clenched opener which sets the tone of the album, loud! Throwing Bricks at Trains is electro gone mad with a madly catchy little melody, That Damned Fly showcases a fun little guitar riff while the flowing down-tempo foot stomp style of The Hope That House Built gives one of the only resting points on the album.

FotL’s attraction is their catchy guitars, beefed up by the fuzz pedals with oddball vocals balancing their alt styling, not forgetting a considerable dose of pop. FotL have notched up a fine high calibre album with Travels with Myself an Another which is unparalleled with it equal measures of attitude and rock spirit!

Top Track: Throwing Bricks at Trains – Dirty in your face electro riffing with a super infectious melody, not to be ignored

3) Kasabian – West  Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum

Kasabian - West  Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum

Kasabian have turned their style inside out and produced a glistening album with down-tempo rhythms and mellow fuzz fueled genius. Gone is the soaring electro and in with the acoustic guitars playing some of their most memorable hooks. Their mellow moments are beautiful and serene, but do not fear a total reinvention. Fuzzed up simplicity marks some of the best tunes on the LP. On Fire and Underdog are both perfect examples of the electro fused riffing infused with some groovy melodies which shine so brightly. The band work engine plays such a pivotal role on this album with each track driven by simple yet infectious bass thump and snare kick. Vocals are suitable drifty and a superb addition to the atmosphere created. Kasabian have reinvented themselves and have come up trumps!

Top Track: Where Did All The Love Go – Infectious vocals, dreamlike surrealism, bass and drum in perfect harmony, muted power chords plus a shakin’ tambourine…what more can you wish for?

2) Dananananaykroyd – Hey Everyone

Dananananaykroyd - Hey Everyone

Debut record from these Glaswegian indie rockers has youthful exuberance and angular guitars in seemingly inexhaustible abundance. Their self proclaimed “Fight Pop” is a pretty accurate description of their sound, purposeful melodies and tight hooks are combined with moments of freak-out glory to create superb post-hardcore noise rock. Put twin vocalists into the action and you really have true fisticuffs unfolding. Lyrics are pretty much undecipherable for the casual listener but this does not take the shine off this accomplished debut. Mostly melodic, often beautiful and always a riot Dananananaykoyd have produced a first album with immense potential!

Top Track: Pink Sabbath – Rapid-fire vocals, an uber catchy melody with immensely thumping guitars rises to many a crescendo without the usual drop off. Energizing and brilliant slice of rock!

1) Biffy Clyro – Only Revolutions


2009 belongs to Biffy Clyro!

They have come along way from their prog past as their latest album picks up where 2007’s sublime Puzzle left off with an alternative sound which is irresistible for all audiences. They mix classical instrumentation, soaring vocals and freak-out guitars to create a masterpiece of alternative rock palatable by even the most devout pop fan. Each song has a remarkable gift of being instantly recognisable upon its first listen. From then on you’re incessantly raving about just how good they are (or at least I was).

Simon Neil’s vocals drive huge rousing chorus’s like true stadium rockers, weaving lyrically transfixing stories  as well as a scattering aggressively fragile growls! Hooks galore and wonderful melodies are at the heart of Biffy’s genius with the superb mid tempo riffer Born on a Horse, the anthemic chorus of Bubbles and the pop monster of Mountains. That Golden Rule is Biffy at their best, fusing heavy handed alt-rock riffs with rapid-fire lyrics, epic string instrumentation all infused with non-stop energy and musical prowess.

When Biffy drop their rock guards and strum their acoustic guitars they are mesmerizing! God & Satan is a beautiful track with layered acoustics and lyrics, Many of Horrors is a most unassuming ballad with its grandeur sound,  backing strings and a heartfelt soaring chorus.

Biffy Clyro has managed a superb album which maintains its impeccable standard over all 12 tracks! Only Revolutions rock out with the best of the alternative giants, out ballads the pop maestro’s and out performs all others in 2009! Mon The Biffy!

Top Track: This Golden Rule – Everything you ever want from a pop-rock classic and with a great prog edge

Spotify Playlist for the top albums can be found here… Does It Rock Albums of 2009

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