Top Tracks of 2009

Here’s what you have all been waiting for… The Top Tracks of 2009 as selected by the authors of!!

Click the link to listen to the top 50 on Spotify –>  DoesItRock Tracks of 2009

50, Doves – Kingdom of Rust: Wild west meets indie rock, it has a xylaphone too!

49, Mastodon – Divinations: Progressive metallers have produced a gnarling beast set to take over the earth.

48, …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of The Dead – Ascending
: Epic wall of guitar noise from these alt rock odballs!

47, Seasick Steve – Man From Another Time: Brilliant blues of the ancient variety and rambings of an old travelling man.

46, The Rakes –  The Light From Your Mac: Rakes are back and with a crafty little riff too.

45, Peter Doherty – Salome
: Headline…Pete Doherty makes lovely music! There’s one thats not in the papers!

44, Mae – The Fisherman Song (We All Need Love): Emo outfit with this 8 min epic, sometime rock, others sweet but utterly compelling!

43, Jet – She’s A Genius: Riff driven pop rockers back where they belong…in the charts!

42, All Time Low – Weightless: Pop Punk Anthem of the year! You know, one from the radio that you can’t get out of your head…that one!

41, The Von Bondies – Shut Your Mouth: Von Bondies are back and riffing the blues on this rocky number.

40, Fake Problems – Don’t Worry Baby: Happy go lucky tune from often overlooked american band

39, PJ Harvey – Black Hearted Love: Alternative mainstay PJ produces a whole hearted darkly moody tune which is as catchy as it is downbeat.

38, Florence + The Machine – Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up): This years UK indie Queen with some beautiful pop musings.

37, Brand New – At The Bottom: Beautifully atmospheric and blisteringly loud in the same track, Brand New are back.

36, Weezer – (If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To: Jam-esque guitars drive another cracking melody from the geek rockers we all love.

35, Lily Allen – Not Fair: Witty social commentary took a wrong turn and ended up on a texas cowboy ranch, quirky and highly enjoyable.

34, Rodrigo y Gabriella – Buster Voodoo:
Acoustic duo play some of the most impressive twin harmonies on the planet!

33, Galvatrons – Cassandra: Van Halen lovers unite! Throwback to 80’s metal with these new Aussie Rockers!

32, Green Day – 21 Guns: Who knew? Green Day do great ballads!

31, Dance Gavin Dance – Carl Barker: Progressive Post rock with cracking guitar work morphs and melds into a super left field anthem.

30, Them Crooked Vultures – Mind Eraser, No Chaser: Supergroup of the decade with a burning  bluesy scuzz number.

29, Johny Foreigner – Feels Like Summer: Screwball pop with girl/boy vocal combo is utterly compelling!

28, Hockey – Song Away: Short and sweet cheery pop you’ll be humming all day.

27, Eels – My Timing Is Off: Mr E’s melancholy is brilliantly understated slice of pop.

26, Regina Spektor – Eet: Angelic piano songstress Regina’s voice is as beautiful as ever.

25, Chickenfoot – Soap On A Rope: Put Joe Satriani, Sammy Hagar and Marc Anthony together and your get classic rock perfection!

24, The Dead Weather – Treat Me Like Your Mother: Jack White’s umpteenth side project is another success

23, Prodigy – Omen: Bip bip beeping electro dance-rock, back to the old school we go!

22, Metric – Help I’m Alive: Haunting vocals of indie queen Emily Haines acompany this cool electro track with a uber-catchy melody.

21, Future of the Left – Arming Eritrea: Crazy vocals and thumping fuzz riffs dominate this energetic party starter

20, Dinosaur Pile-up – Summer Hit Single: Grunge on the rise again thanks to this cracking tune!

19, Empire of the Sun – Walking On A Dream: Surreal soundscapes for another planet has landed, walking on a dream indeed!

18, Art Brut – DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshake: Fun bursting tune, a tribute to being oung at heart!

17, The Answer – On and On: Big things are expected since the AcDc support slot, on this form they will fill the shoes perfectly.

16, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – Zero: Oozeing NY cool and reinventing disco chic, Karen O has another spectacular track to her name.

15, Muse – Unnatural Selection: Bellamy’s s epic space opera lands with this monster riffing theatrical masterpiece.

14, New Device – Takin’ Over: Hard hitting hooks combined with wailing lead guitar licks provide the backdrop on which New Device will launch to stardom.

13, Kasabian – Fire: Downbeat melodies have been perfected on Kasabians last LP, this being the pick of the bunch.

12, Wolfmother – Sundial: Heavy effect saturated riffing on this superb trip back to the days when rock ruled the earth.

11, The Parlor Mob – Everything Your Breathing For: Jack white has competetion with this superb country blues rocker flaring it’s skills.

10, Grammatics – D.I.L.E.M.M.A: Indie pop heaven with this beautiful layered track full of eclectic bliss.

9, Kram – Silk Suits: Insanely catchy melody with simplicity at its heart! Drums and guitars and voices, sublime!

8, Steel Panther – Party All Day: Glam rockers and 80’s throwbacks are all cliche! Lyrics based upon Sex drugs and more sex their humourus lyrics are laugh out loud funny. Justin Hawkins lends a vocal hand on the most insanely catchy chorus on the whole list!

7, Thrice – Doublespeak: Beautiful balance of laid back piano melodies and hard hitting all out rock.

6, Hot Leg – Cocktails: Superb single from the former Darkness frontman’s new outfit! 80’s keyboards, a cracking melody, tongue in cheek humour blasted by ‘that’ falsetto!

5, Franz Ferdinand – No You Girls: Funky dancefloor filler marks a triumphant return to form for the scottish trailblazers.

4, Dananananaykroyd – Black Wax: Debut album alt rock freak-outs make way for flowing spiky guitars and a cheery pop anthem from Scotlands latest pride.

3, Biffy Clyro – That Golden Rule: Prog slantings and heavy riffs is the crowing achievement of the DoesItRock album of 2009.

2, Frank Turner – The Road: Punks lost son produces a sure-fire radio hit which is both catchy, melodic and feel-good! Frank takes you on a journeyman’s tale of living and rocking with you the listener as avid passengers!

1, Heaven’s Basement – Executioners Day: Rock music of the highest echelon! Stunning riffs, monster melodys, heavy hooks and scorching solos. Loud, proud with building crecendo’s galore and about as many euphoric highs as you can get in one track from the greatest new band of 2009!

Looking forward to another rocking year in 2010!

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