Album Review: Delphic – Acolyte

Debut LP from Manchesters Delphic, hotly tipped for big things in 2010.

Delphic – Acolyte

Delphic - Acolyte

RockOSaurus Says:

Step back to the golden electro era with Delphic and their huge array of techno samples matched to swooping melodies. When combined with their subtle guitar backed rhythms provide a superb euphoric backdrop. Clean cut vocals scythe through funk loaded synthesisers producing some seriously 80’s style!

When they ramp up the dance floor ante they come alive like on atmospheric trance clubbing vibes of sound that is the title track Acolyte. Sadly the majority of the tracks drift into floaty swirled masses of electro noise perfect for that lazy evening you had planned. Acolyte is an anthemic listen, it surely won’t be long before Delphic are the soundtrack to your friday night!

Mr Flowers Says:

An album of electronic blips and steady drums patterns. Many of Acolyte’s songs show a band deft at building music and sounds to a swirl of swaying keyboard noises and powerful drumming, backed by melodic lyrics. It’s a tried and tested formula which they stick to studiously.

It’s difficult to pick holes in an album so consistent in providing amiable songs; Counterpoint is instantly accessible and best demonstrates their appeal, yet looking back through the tracklisting album opener Clarion Call, Acolyte and Halycon are all equally good. All in all, it’s an assured debut album from Delphic with enough single-worthy material to make them one to keep an eye on.

RockOSaurus: 6.5/10

MrFlowers: 7/10

DoesItRock Overall Score: 6.75

Listen to Delphic – Acolyte now on Spotify!

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