Album Review: Adam Green – Minor Love

Adam Green, former half of The Moldy Peaches struts more anti-folk musings on his latest album Minor Love.

Adam Green – Minor Love

Adam Green - Minor Love

RockOSaurus Says:

Minor Love is a flagship for simplicity, tiny guitar motif’s played on repeat form the backbone of each track. With each song coming in around the 2 minute mark , individually it’s difficult to bore you, collectively its a struggle.

With each track clocking in around the 2 minute mark, many disappear before they begin and without a glimpse of a memorable hook, they just fade into obscurity. Green’s melacholic spoken vocals do nothing to attract the listener either, leaving these stories only to be repeated by anti-folk fans and serious lyric book readers.

Mr Flowers Says:

Adam Green is generally best when his lounge singer style is combined with a hint of a pop melody in his voice or a backing track to contrast with his delivery, but it doesn’t happen nearly enough on this record making Minor Love quite a dry experience at times. A few of the songs are edging in the right direction; Breaking Locks, Give Them A Token, and Castles and Tassels are likeable, but Minor Love generally suffers from the feeling that it’s lacking a bit of something.

RockOSaurus: 4/10

MrFlowers: 4/10

DoesItRock Overall Score: 4

Listen to Adam Green – Minor Love now on Spotify!

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