Album Review: Cold War Kids – Behave Yourself EP

Indie pop-rockers Cold War Kids are back with an Extended Player of new material!

Cold War Kids – Bahave Yourself EP

Cold War Kids - Behave Yourself EP

RockOSaurus Says:

Piano key tinkling Americans return to gloss the ivories on this Ep. Behave Yourself is perfectly pleasing, perfectly listenable and perfectly decent. Somehow this is not equal pop perfection..

The title track Audience of One is a pretty decent summation of this release, nice on first listen, but you forget it the minute the curtain falls. Most of the songs on display here fall into the mediocre category far too easily.

Mr Flowers Says:

Audience of One is a good pop song to start the EP, and the rest of tracks do enough to bode well for the upcoming album.

RockOSaurus: 6/10

MrFlowers: 6/10

DoesItRock Overall Score: 6

Listen to Cold War Kids – Behave Yourself now on Spotify!

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