Album Review: Priestess – Prior To The Fire

Canadian hard rockers Priestess unleash their sophmore album.

Priestess – Prior To The Fire

Priestess - Prior to the Fire

RockOSaurus Says:

Set your delorian to 1972, put pedal to the metal and welcome back the early days of heavy rock with Priestess. Being indebted to Black Sabbath is no bad thing as they weave prog sonic explorations with ample wattage and daze inducing gargantu-riffs. Their melodies are as fat as they are catchy with tight techincal guitar phrases and some great stickmanship thrashing the drum kit to destruction, an epic combo.

Classic rock is well and truly alive on Prior To The Fire as shown on the almost thrash metal headbanger Lady Killer, the straight up heaving blues rock of Raccon Eyes and the progressive jam of The Gem. No new ground trodden, just damn good “very” old fashioned heavy rock!

Mr Flowers Says:

Prior To The Fire is full of thrashy hard rock with a knack for a melodic chorus. There are some good solos in there, notably in the middle of Raccoon Eye’s, and Murphy’s Law sports a bout colossal drumming. They also pump out lines like, “Lay waste to all the Earth,” and, “I’m a demon – I walk through the river of fire,” without any sign of irony – at their high moments they sound like Black Sabbath, except about 40 years too late and with the tendency to drift into into listlessness.

If that sounds like it’s up your street then 1) really? and 2) you’re quids in! Enjoy!

RockOSaurus: 7.5/10

MrFlowers: 5/10

DoesItRock Overall Score: 6.25

Listen to Priestess – Prior To The Fire now on Spotify!

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