Album Review: Seasick Steve – Songs For Elizabeth

Bearded bluesman releases an Ep in the week of Valentine!

Seasick Steve – Songs For Elizabeth

Seasick Steve - Songs For Elizabeth

RockOSaurus Says:

Seasick Steve truly is a man from another time who is single handedly keeping the blues alive. His honest tribute to the blues elder statesmen is as compelling as it is true. From his array of incomplete instruments (the one string didly bo and the three string trance wonder) and his smooth gravely vocals he produces some fine pop music.

His ability to write inovative bluesy melodies and weave meandering lyrical tales is credit to his songcraft. This short collection of tunes is as warm as it is geniune, entertaining as it is simple and above all else, a great listen.

Mr Flowers Says:

Songs For Elizabeth is an EP that’s brimming with boogie-friendly blues tunes. Of course, part of the reason for that is because this record is mostly a collection of previously released songs. Yet it seems the streamlined result might be more successful at maintaining your attention than on albums before.

Just Like A King is the standout track, with the slide guitar howling in whenever the riff threatens to slow. It contrasts with Walkin Man, which is a sweet acoustic song in which we’re reminded that his name is indeed Steve – it’s what I’d imagine that girl from the Ting Tings might have written if she’d grown a beard and didn’t wash for a few weeks. Hang on… which one came out first?

RockOSaurus: 7/10

MrFlowers: 7/10

DoesItRock Overall Score: 7

Listen to Seasick Steve – Songs For Elisabeth now on Spotify!

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