Album Review: Hot Chip – One Life Stand

The uk electronic ensemble are back with their third album.

Hot Chip – One Life Stand

Hot Chip - One Life Stand

RockOSaurus Says:

‘Emotional Adventures in Meandering Electroland’ is a much more suitable title for this underwhelming Hot Chip release. It has stripped out the idiosyncratic dancefloor genious of its previous releases, leaving One Life Stand to become inredibly serious and intense lyrical album, more likely to start a boredom induced coma than a tubthumping party.

Tracks of merit are few and far between, the calypso steel drums get a bonging & the star trek phaser effect gathers some interest on the title track, plus album opener Thieves In The Night has some funky upbeat melodies. Just incase you started to overenjoy the album, on I Feel Better they fire up the damned aweful autotune which is plaguing terrible pop singers everywhere to level the balance.

This album will leave many fans reeeling and many a critic raving. Depending on which side of the fence you lie will determine whether you find this a classic release or an uninspiring one. Watch for the remix album!

Mr Flowers Says:

Hot Chip have hit on the novel idea of creating an album of electro, dance-inspired pop with no danceable rhythm. It seems you have to wait forever for songs on this album to get going. Sometimes they aren’t bad when they do finally get going but more often than not they disappointingly never do before the next track starts.

Alley Cats is alright by time gets into it’s 4th minute, and I Feel Better is not bad if you can forgive the autotuning, but unlike their previous releases there are no stand out songs on this album to rescue you from the passionless drone and the repetitive beeps that is the sound of Hot Chip.

RockOSaurus: 5/10

MrFlowers: 5/10

DoesItRock Overall Score: 5

Listen to Hot Chip – One Life Stand now on Spotify!

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