Does It Rock? Februrary Round-Up

Plenty of great albums were released this month and we here at have picked the best of the bunch to bring to you in a handy Spotify playlist! The widest variety of music in one playlist your likely to find!

Listen now >>> – Feb 10 Mix

1) Los Campesinos! – Straight In At 101 … Indie at its multi-intrument bashing best DiR? Review

2) Hot Chip – Thieves In The Night … Electro-indiers best track from their latest disappointing album DiR? Review

3) Seasick Steve – Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde… Steves gravel tones are simply stunning on this cracking blues number DiR? Review

4) The Soft Pack – Answer To Yourself … California fuzz soaked guitars make for an uplifting tune

5) Story Of The Year – To The Burial … Chest thumping rock anthem king kong would be proud of DiR? Review

6) Swanton Bombs – Who’s Asking? … Ranshakle riffing and DIY ethics from this promising bands debut LP.

7) Chow Chow – Suits Like Animals … Re-release for this superb slice of indie rock spiced with electro fun and melody

8) Priestess – Raccoon Eyes… Take the trip back to the 70’s for some scorching Sabbath riffing DiR? Review

9) Plastiscines – Bitch… Spiked garage pop from thes french youngsters, their image is one to savour!

10) Kashmir – Intruder … Beautiful melodies and subtle guitars line this laid back rocker

11) White Rabbits – Percussion Gun … Ample druming drives this near perfect understated indie rocker!

12) Fair – Disappearing World … Mid tempo pop number is as catchy as it is american.

13) Scanners – Jesus Saves … Dark poppers Scanners take a soar towards the light with this sparking tune

14) The Sunshine Underground – Spell It Out … New tangent direction produces at least one fine indie electro rocker

15) Bigelf – Madhatter … Imaging Led Zep with Pink Floyd holidaying in Wonderland, awe inspiring heavy prog rock

16) Taking Dawn – Take Me Away … Breaking band from Roadrunner Records mix metal, glam, with attitude to produce a stonking rocker!

17) Close Your Eyes – xChet Steadmanx … Post-Hardcore lads take on a pop-punk sound, suprisingly it works!

18) Fight The Empire – The Truth Is Out … New British band with some great riffing on the title track of their Debut album, watch out for these guys!

19) Wakey!Wakey! – The Oh Song … Plenty of Ohs on this piano stomper from a star of the american tv show One Tree Hill

20) Cobra Starship – Pete Wentz Is The Only Reason We’re Famous … With Fallout Boy saying farewell, here’s a tribute to their enigmatic bassist on this months Pop Punk Antrhem!

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