Album Review: Swanton Bombs – Mumbo Jumbo And Murder

The debut LP from the blues twosome.

Swanton Bombs – Mumbo Jumbo And Murder

Swanton Bombs - Mumbo Jumo And Murder

RockOSaurus Says:

One thing is for certain, Swanton Bombs are adept at capturing the spirit of slapdash melody making and ramshackle live performances. Their unrefined approach to their off-kilter blues riffing garage rock is raw and powerful. Vocally they are not going to win awards but for enthusiasm they get a gold star.

This album is packed with cracking fuzz filled tunes with the blues energy of Who’s Asking? the bombastic opening instrumental Swanton Bombs, Crowbar, a Blues Brothers-esque shuffle and the unpredictable tempo of album closer Tanks.

They manage a rare thing on Mumbo Jumbo and Murder and that is bringing an aura of a sweat soaked electrifying live show to the CD with their distinctly under produced DIY ethos. MJAM is a great album which bursts at the seams with an unhinged frenetically charged sound, drenched in rock and roll passion. Watch out for their live shows, on this form they will be epic!

Mr Flowers Says:

Mumbo Jumbo starts with a flurry of drumming and fuzzed up guitar riffs, the instrumental opener acting like a statement of intent for Swanton Bombs’ deconstructed blues rock sound.

The production on the album makes it sound like it was recorded in a shed on a 5W amp – it gives it a raw quality, which suits their minimalistic sound and anarchic vocals to a tee. Indeed, it makes the already lo-fi production on a White Stripes album sound like the WWE to Swanton Bombs’ Giant Haystacks.

Of course, it’s all about the songs, and there are plenty of good ones on this record: with “Viktoria” probably being the album’s the most instantaneous track, Swanton are equally adept at slowing the pace down, with “Doom” and “Night Night” being beautifully shambolic ballads of sorts.

While this indie band are unlikely to ever make it on to Radio 1, I’m sure they’ll pick up many fans with this ability to pen a decent chorus and satisfying guitar riff.

RockOSaurus: 8.5/10

MrFlowers: 8/10

DoesItRock Overall Score: 8.25

Listen to Swanton Bombs – Mumbo Jumbo And Murder now on Spotify!

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