Album Review: The Courteeners – Falcon

Album number two from indie rocker The Courteeners hits the stores this week.

The Courteeners – Falcon

The Courteeners - Falcon

RockOSaurus Says:

It is extremely hard to shake the image of The Courteeners as little more than another band with a big mouthed lead singer from manchester (where have i heard that before). Liam Fray’s huge altercations with he press immediatly shed a shadow of contempt for Falcon before even listening to it.

With prejudice rampaging i can safely say The Courteeners are not going to set the world alight. There are bright sparks like on the solid You Overdid It Doll and the mellow acoustic melodies of The Rest Of The World Has Gone Home. But these are sparsely arranged over the course of the bloated 17 tracks. Frays lyrics have some nice social commentary but without the Arctic Monkeys cheeky wit they just sound like good ol’ british moaning.

The brit-rock revolution of the mid noughties is subsiding and without significant reinvention bands such has The Courteeners have a limited time in the spotlight.

Mr Flowers Says:

Falcon is an album of mostly unremarkable indie songs. Sure there’s a smattering of decent *bits* of songs like in the opener, The Opener, and Cross My Heart, but neither lift this LP (and it really feels like a Looong Player) beyond it’s general sense of mediocrity.

The release on Spotify does however come with tracks from the bonus CD, which actually sports a quartet of decent songs: Revolver, Bojangles, You’re The Man and Back At The Ranch are songs that actually have some balls – but after listening to some 50 minutes of the uninspiring main album, it’s hardly enough to dilute the agony endured. To be honest, if it wasn’t for the extra tracks I probably would have given the album 4/10, but as it is (that is with the extra bonus tracks) it gets…

RockOSaurus: 5.5/10

MrFlowers: 6/10

DoesItRock Overall Score: 5.75

Listen to The Courteeners – Falcon now on Spotify!

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