A Guide to ATP (Pavement 2010 Edition), Part 1

With the final line-up for the Pavement curated ATP announced, we find a typically underground selection from the indie legends. It might be a festival of discovery for some so over the next few posts we’ll try to pick out a few bands for you to keep an eye on, ones to avoid, and the odd song to give you an idea of what you’re getting in to.


Avi Buffalo

Laid-back Californian rockers, with some Southern-rock pop songs.

Listen to: What’s it in for? (on last.fm)

Blitzen Trapper

Blitzen have songs ranging from pop rock replete with keyboards, drum-machines and crunchy guitar riffs, right down to simple folk songs, often with some catchy melodies.

Listen to: Crazy On You (on Spotify)

Broken Social Scene

Pretty, baroque indie songs.

Listen to: Lover’s Spit (on We7)


Their Latin tinged indie songs often evoke the memory of those Ennio Morricone scored Spaghetti-westerns, an inventive mix, and plenty of good songs to boot.

Listen to: Victor Jara’s Hands (on We7)

The Fall

Mark E Smith’s mumbly singing style may not be for some, but he has an uncanny ability to find a brilliant tune, even if it sometimes sounds like it’s amidst the random noises and grumblings of a stroke victim. Their obliqueness and gargantuan back catalogue makes them a unique band in the history of modern music.

Listen to: Theme From Sparta FC (on We7)

Mark Eitzel

Classic style singer-songwriter with a jazz influence… and a piano

Listen to: No Easy Way Down (on We7)

Mission Of Burma

These veteran indie rockers have a sound somewhere in the middle of Husker Du-style punk and The Undertones.

Listen to: Dirt (on We7)


A monstrous hard-rock three-piece.

Listen to: Summers and Autumns (on last.fm)

More to come tomorrow, folks!

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