A Guide to ATP (Pavement 2010 Edition), Part 3

Our penultimate look into the lineup at Pavement’s ATP; here’s today’s homework – more bands you should definitely listen to:

The Drones

Sound like a deadlier Nick Cave. It’s blues with an edge, a scowling singer, a hot bassist, and guitar riffs among noisy feedback.

Listen to: The Cookeyed Low Life Of The Highlands (on We7)

The Fiery Furnaces

Toured with Ted Leo, and Franz Ferdinand sort of gives you an idea of the company they keep in the indie world; a brother and sister combo, playing experimental rock. Some of their earlier stuff is a bit poppier, if the later, more eclectic stuff goes over your head.

Listen to: Tropical Iceland (on We7)

The Walkmen

A blues rock band. The croaky singing harks back to when Bob Dylan still sounded like Dylan, and not some weird choking caricature of Bob Dylan. Their earlier stuff sports a lot more fast paced style, as they seem to get progressively slower with new releases.

Listen to: The Rat (on We7)

Tim Chad & Sherry

This is an indie band whose style ranges from folk, pop, country and the blues, with a penchant for humorous lyrics.

Listen to: Caller I.D. (on Spotify)

Times New Viking

These noise rock maestros could if anything be a bit LOUDER at times. But if you appreciate a bit of fuzzed up noise with a nice melody, you’ll find Times New Viking right up your street.

Listen to: (My Head) (on We7)

Wildbirds & Peacedrums

A folk band who will remind you of artists like Bjork or Joanna Newson; pretty, minimalistic songs mixed with powerful drum-driven jazzy numbers, but always melodic.

Listen to: The Way Things Go (on We7)

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