A Guide to Camden Crawl 2010, Part 1

With the line-up for the 2010 edition of the award winning urban new music festival almost finalised, it is time shed some light onto the artists set to make (or break) their names up in Camden Town.  With a massive lineup of 174 extremely eclectic acts confirmed thus far all sharing the same passion for producing great music and dream of making it big in the industry. With so many new bands to see we’ll try to pick out a few bands for you to keep an eye on, ones to avoid, and the odd song to give you an idea of what you’re getting in to.

Saturday Highlights: Saturday Spotify Sampler

Slow Club

Girl, Boy vocal pop duo that play simple cheery melodies but excel with their enthusiastic vocals and captivating wordplay. As simple as it is effective! Highly Reccommended!

Listen to: Me And You (on Spotify)

Calvin Harris

Leading the UK popular dance scene at the moment with his superbly catchy syth heavy electro. All over the radio and here to steal the show!

Listen to: Acceptable In The 80’s (on Spotify)

Teenage Fanclub

It’s all jingle jangle for this 60’s recalling scottish power pop group. Hard not to enjoy, poppy melodies dry like cement in your memory!

Listen to: It’s All In My Mind (on Spotify)

The Drums

Hot indie scene buzz band play Surf Pop with a twee indie edge producing simple carefree whimsical tunes.

Listen to: Lets Go Surfing (on Spotify)

Dead Meadow

Rough around the edges Floyd influenced psychadelic with a dash of sabbath and plenty of guitars are stamped across the Dead Meadow. Guitar fans are sure to enjoy, as are the hippies listening to the blissed out vocals and fuzzy six stringed lo-fi noise.

Listen to: What Needs Must Be (on Spotify)

Shy Child

Funky electronic keyboard tickling from this NYC dwelling duo. They are a hoot live!

Listen to: Liquid Love (on Spotify)

Stricken City

Female vocaled indie rockers with plenty of melody and jangly pop harmonies. Multi intrumentalist layering without breaching pretense.

Listen to: Small Things (on Spotify)

The Like

LA girls play indie rock with a sweet side. Breezy melodies, beautiful vocals and catchy guitars line their pop-centric appeal, they are certainly above your average all girl group. Think the Corrs with guitars!

Listen to: What I Say And What I Mean (on Spotify)

We Are The Ocean

Essex born and bred Post-Hardcore punk rock and roll with bite and vigour. Clean vocals are terribly american, but an oversight which can be ignored! These guys pack a mean snarling punch!

Listen to: Look Alive (Spotify)


“Brimful of Asha on the 45”, “Everybody need a Bosom for a pillow, everybody needs a Bosom”, One hit Wonders are worth catching for ‘that’ classic song alone!

Listen to: Brimful Of Asha (The Norman Cook Remix) (on Spotify)

Straight Lines

Uplifting power/pop-punk/rock from these welshmen showing the british can do good time guitar pop as good as the Americans. Immediate and incessently catchy rock music!

Listen to: Runaway Now (on Spotify)

The Chapman Family

Would be Maximo Park-a-likes if it wasn’t for their indie grunt and thrashy noise rock freakouts keeping things interesting!

Listen to: Kids (on Spotify)

The Lost Levels

Chaotic indie guitars on a progressive electro mission. A real genre bender who produce some fine (if a little bonkers) tunes.

Listen to: Power (on Myspace)

Art Vs Science

Funcy hard hitting beats from this Australian Dance rock outfit. Thumping keys and fun lyrics keep them interesting.

Listen to: Parlez Vous Francais? (on Myspace)

House De Racket

Racquet sport gimmick wielding Frenchman, who like fellow dance music countrymen Daftpunk & Justice, really rock out!!!

Listen to: Synthétiseur (on Spotify)

More to come tomorrow, folks!


  1. Apologies for the somewhat spammy comment but I’m running a comp over at my blog (fadedglamour.co.uk) to win tickets to see Shy Child in action at The JD Set, where they’ll be covering tracks from The Human League’s ‘Dare’ album. Hope you and your readers decide to enter.


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