A Guide to Camden Crawl 2010: Part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of our guide to London’s premier new music showcase festival, The Camden Crawl….

Sunday Highlights: Sunday Spotify Sampler


Welshmen who are positioned at the top of the Post-Hardcore tree. Energetic punk rock with infectious melodies and a whole host of brilliant songs.

Listen to: Last Train Home (on Spotify)

Gang Of Four

The genre defining & influencial 70’s post-punk band with spiky angular guitars and a political message. The original lineup has been reformed and set to play their extremely catchy rock. Not to be missed!

Listen to: Damaged Goods (on Spotify)

The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster

Underground rockers have been around the block many times but are still making thundering blues alt-rock with a dark twist.

Listen to: Rise Of The Eagles(on Spotify)


Huge heavy metallers with scorching female vocals are sure to start ears bleeding with their bludgeoning QOTSA-esque sludge metal. Riff roaring, fast and furious noise. They do sing about wizards and sci-fi alot though!

Listen to: In The Midst Of Madness (on myspace)

The Blackout

Have risen to be big players in the UK Post-Hardcore scene, the double header with these and LostProphets is a rockers dream ticket.

Listen to: The Fire (on Spotify)

Rolo Tomassi

Insanely intense live performances are the trademark of these hardcore techno infused in your faces technical metalheads. These youngsters can be too much for the pop fan and the slightly scary female screaming vocals back up this fact.

Listen to: I love Turbulence(on We7)

General Fiasco

Generic indie rock which is perfectly enjoyable, not going to set the world on fire but worthy of a mention.

Listen to: We Are The Foolish (on Spotify)


Punk rock and roll which is high in DIY production and rough around the edged charm. Vocalist is reminicent of Joe Strummer and this has an overall Clash like ramshakle-ness to it.

Listen to: It Threatens (myspace)


Indie rock from this Canadian collective is briming with exciting energy, great  floaty vocals and a multitude of hummable melodies.

Listen to: Archaeologists (on Spotify)

Sunshine Underground

Indie rock infused with electro effects and a funk ethos. Produce very slick catchy tunes which can fill a dancefloor in double quick time.

Listen to: Coming To Save You(on Spotify)


Armed with Acoustic guitars their complex melodies are pretty damn cool if slightly folky. Yet their catchy riff writing is well worth a listen.

Listen to: Stray Cat(on Spotify)

We Are Scientists

Great live band who play uplifting pop-rock based on superb blues riffs and catchy chorus’s. Made a splash with brilliant debut album.

Listen to: The Great Escape (on Spotify)

The Delays

Brit-poppers who lace their tunes with a dreamy indie pop sensibility. The pop is unashamed but and know how to pen a cathcy melody or four.

Listen to: Long Time Coming (on Spotify)

Lightspeed Champion

Dev Hynes, the ex alt-rocker of Test Icicles turned folk and croons sweet pop melodies.

Listen to: Galaxy Of The Lost (on Spotify)

More to come tomorrow, peeps!

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