A Guide to Camden Crawl 2010: Part 3

There are plenty of bands playing both days at the festival giving you ample opportunity to catch them. Here’s a bunch of highlights from those groups on Crawl’s extensive lineup.

Sat/Sun Highlights: Sat/Sun Spotify Sampler

Midnight Juggernauts

Spacemen who sound like the electro pop incarnation of David Bowie. These Aussies are maving waves in the electronic scene, time to check them out.

Listen to: Into The Galaxy (on Spotify)


Their live performance supporting Dananananaykroyd split the DiR team with Marmite like efficiency. So i’m afraid i’ll leave this one down to you! This tune is infact quite good!

Listen to: Adventuring (on Spotify)

Eliza Doolittle

Lilly Allen, Kate Nash move over Eliza is in town. Sounds exactly the same as the previously mentioned artists, witty social commentary with sugary sweet pop.

Listen to: Moneybox (on Spotify)

Betty & the Werewolves

Racious female fronted DIY punk with girl power flowing through their souls. Rapidfire vocals are full of amusing lines and are extremely catchy.

Listen to: Euston Station (on Spotify)


Rampaging rock and roll riots! Chickenhawk wont stop till they have torn down the building or you have run scared of their unrelenting experimental riffing!

Listen to: I Hate This, Do You Like It? (on last.fm)

Kurran & the Wolfnotes

Impressive layered arrangements for a young folk band who ahre similarities with bands like The Shins.

Listen to: Whatabitch (on Spotify)


Riding high on a hype wave there is sure to be a crowd here for this indie rock darling, for good reason too. She’s very Madchester and the scratchy guitars and sombre vocals sure to leave a lasting impression.

Listen to: Intuition (on Spotify)

Veronica Falls

Indie as you like with a dictinctly surf pop sound. If it’s floaty vocals and fedback guitars your after, check them out.

Listen to: Beachy Head (on Spotify)

Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo

A beautiful voice in amongst all the rock and roll this folk rising star could provide the most peaceful string loaded show of the weekend

Listen to: This Is How It’s Meant To Be (on myspace)

Surfer Blood

Dripping with indie credentials and comparisons to Pavement & Built To Spill, possibly trying too hard to be hip.

Listen to: Swim (on Spotify)

Alex Metric

Calvin Harris has serious competition in the form of Alex Metric. His electro-pop is dance heavy but never fails to produce a hook heavy melody.

Listen to: Head Straight (on Spotify)

The concluding post follows tomorrow…

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