A Guide to Camden Crawl 2010, Part 4

We concluse our DoesItRock Guide to Camden Crawl 2010 by pointing you in the direction of some of the more challenging “they’re much better live” bands who’s performances you wont want to miss!

Go see them Live: Spotify Sampler

Pulled Apart By Horses

Really hard to pin down to a single genre. they mix element of alternative, proggressive, noise-rock, post-hardcore & metal all bound with an aggressive in your face attitude. These guys demand your attention, their live shows are not suprisingly chaotic and highy rated. (Saturday)

Listen to: E = MC Hammer (on Spotify)


Standby for take-off as these electro-metal come drum & bass rockers are here for one purpose! Raving! (Saturday)

Listen to: Propane Nightmares [Live At Brixton Academy] (on Spotify)


Brilliantly catchy off kilter rampant rock from group with alternative lo-fi leanings and plenty of wierd warping effects in their back pockets! (Saturday)

Listen to: Male Bonding (on Spotify)

Bo Ningen

Japanese Godzilla of progressive and experimental rock with mammoth riffs, crazy freakout vocals,. Epic sonic explosions of strangely enjoyable noise sure to leave you either stunned in amazement, or deaf! (Saturday)

Listen to: Koroshitai Kimochi (on Spotify)


Seriously whacked out experimental rock with angry streak. Sure to be an intense show combining punk energy with electro fuzz riffing, Death From Above 1978 style.

Listen to: Ancient Snake (on myspace)


Alternative frenetic riff rock resurgance has spawned this cracking band in the same vein as Dananananaykroyd. Live show is sure to be great! (Sunday)

Listen to: Night Of Pencils (on Spotify)

Kap Bambino

Crazed use of the synth machine and samples galore are the signature of this fiesty electro band. Rather like Scooter only with some credibility. Hard and heavy electro mixes and yelped (out of tune) vocals are probably best for the dance mad!

Listen to: Took Life (on Spotify)

Right Hand Left Hand

This duo use looped instrumentals to create anarchic post-rock which is at the same time catchy as totally bonkers. A glorius rock and roll mess!

Listen to: Stanislav Petrov (on myspace)

That Fucking Tank

Strap your progressive ears on for these superb instrumental rockers. Their comical song titles are worthy of a gander at the least.

Listen to: Keanu Reef (on Spotify)

For those of you who have been keeping track, here is the complete playlist for all our featured artists in a single handy Spotify Playlist: 

Camden Crawl 2010 Highlights

Im afraid thats all from me here at DoesItRock.net…the choice is now yours. Go forth, check out these bands and head down to Camden on the May Bank Holiday Weekend. We’ll be there, stay tuned for the review…coming soon!