Does It Rock? May Round-up

Plenty of great albums were released this month and we here at have picked the best of the bunch to bring to you in a handy Spotify playlist! The widest variety of music in one playlist your likely to find!

Listen now >>> – May 10 Mix

1) Coheed & Cambria – Here We Are Juggernaut … C&C’s prog goodness has been ramped up with this plundering bass heavy tune.

2) Still Flyin’– Good Thing It’s A Ghost Town Around Here ... Abundance of supremely jubilant pop music from this Frisco collective. One of the higlights of ATP.

3) TubelordNight Of Pencils … Dananananaykroyd had better watch their backs as Tubelord are after their alt-pop crown.

4) Spiral Stairs True Love … Started the ATP weekend on a high, the sing-a-long baby cries are especially distinctive.

5) MeatloafLove Is Not Real … Put guitar legends Vai, Hawkins and May together with rocks most rotund ambassador and you have a flair happy, riffing epic. DiR? Review

6) MGMT – Brian Eno … The bright spark of a disappointing MGMT release DiR? Review

7) The Hold Steady – Soft In The Centre … A rockier outlook from The Hold Steady on their latest album. DiR? Review

8) Danko Jones – Tonight Is Fine …Danko are back to rock with their bluesy hard rock and roll with macho power and squealing guitars

9) Free Energy – Bang Pop … Rock with a 70’s sheen, produced by LCD man James Murphy.

10)The FutureheadsHeartbeat Song … Quirky norther rockers are back with a cracking little album, reminding us why mid 00’s brit-rock was so loved.

10) Joe BonamassaSteal Your Heart Away … Blues virtuoso JB is here to croon his way into your blues affections

11) The Glitterati – Fight Fight Fight … Hard rockers The Glitterati return after years in the abyss, stonking man rock incoming!

12) What Would Jesus Drive – Black & Blue … Youthful exhuberance aplenty on the debut album from this girl/boy vocalled band.

13) Bullet For My Valentine – The Last Fight … Welsh metallers return with a new album, moving further towards mainstream acceptance with this tune.

14) Band Of Horses – Compliments … Band of Horses have gone pop! Thrown out their softl indie-ness, with cracking tunes like this could soon be hitting the big time.

15) The Plight – Ball & Chain … This rocky guitar number is the backing tune to the next lucozade advert! The Plight are set to play Download Festival next month.

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