Does It Rock? July Round-up

We have uncovered some great albums of 2010 this month as well as appreciating the finest from July. So we here at have hand picked the best tunes to bring you this handy Spotify playlist!

Listen now >>> – July 10 Mix

1) Fang Island – Daisy … Thin Lizzy guitars lines, indecypherable lyrics, abundance of energy and amazing musicianship make this my tune of 2010!
2) The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster – Love Turns to Hate … Close behind in #2 is 80’Matchbox’s, superb blues rock romper.
3) Avenged Sevenfold – Nightmare … Since spotify has mislaid the bestter moments from A7X’s much improved return LP, here is the lead single!
4) Foals – Miami … Oxford’s indie kids have created a genious set of slower melodic tunes for the thinking man.
5) FACT – Slip Of The Lip … Suprisingly impressive mix of styles from metal to pop-punk from this great Japanese band!

6) Audrey Horne – Down Like Suicide … underappreciated norwegians folk inflected hard melodic rock is captivating and catchy.
7) Drive-By Truckers – Drag The Lake Charlie … Americana’s deep south storytellers are back with more antics.
8) Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse – Pain (Feat. Iggy Pop) … Iggy guests on this rockin’ tune with an indie backbone.
9) Bombay Bicycle Club – Ivy & Gold … Folky acoustics, galloping melodies and fragile vocals are the staple of new album Flaws
10) Rolo Tomassi – Unromance … Experimentalists of crossover-metal unleash this unhinged crazed blast of intensity.
11) Sigil – Letters In Stone … Superb Finnish rockers love their Wah-Wah as much as their thundering hard rock!
12) My Epic – Lower Still … My Epic’s Epic track Lower Still is unsuprisingly…Epic! Pleasing slow building rock!
13) Seth Lakeman – The Watchman … Fiddle figures prominently on this english folk gem
14) The Rocket Summer – You Gotta Believe … MoR radio hit which is undoubtable uber-infectious
15) The Classic Crime – Vagabonds … Pop Punk Anthem of the month returns!!

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