Heaven’s Basement @ Underworld

12th August 2010

It was only 8 months ago since I stood where I now rested. Deep in the bowels of Camden’s Worlds End pub awaiting the arrival of the same few men armed with their ferocious riffs, hard rock genius and pop rock classics. But before they took to the Underworld stage there was a couple of other bands due to play.

We missed the first band up but managed to catch the second, TheFallen. They played hard and fast with a couple of interesting melodic passages. If I would compare them it would be to a punkier lost prophets. However they let themselves down by turning their guitars too loud and droning out the already muffled lyrics of the lead vocalist. From the second song they were only really playing for the front 2 rows of teenagers (who started the lamest mosh pit I have ever witnessed), who all seemed to enjoy it.


A surprising act were next up, one who do not seem to fit tonight’s headliner’s style or sound thus making them an unusual choice of support. Audry Horne are a Norwegian post grunge hard rock oufit with elements of folk and prog incorporated into their sound. Personally I loved this set! It was different had a tonne of hard hitting bass licks and some fine duelling guitar melodies and solo’s which showcased the strength of their latest self titled album. Lead singer Torkjell Rød/Toschie was a heavily tatoo’d bloke who loves to perform and Is somewhat of a showman. On numerous occasions he played and posed for camera’s in the crowd as well as leaping down to sing from the floor with astonished onlookers not knowing which way to look.

Audry Horne

Musically they were at their best when producing melodic prog-outs with both guitarists slinging their axes while keyboards add an extra layer of depth and beauty to proceedings. Their musicanship and experience was apparent from the off as they produced a fine set here tonight.

Torkjell Rød/Toschie

It has been a very turbulent time for the the band we were here to see. In a recent tumultuous times, they have lost their bassist as well as losing their enigmatic lead singer Richie Hevanz. It’s true to say that Heaven’s Basement have been through a lot. But to their credit they have been busy writing new material as well as recruiting a new vocalist James, who was last to walk on stage in some kind of grand unveiling moment.


First impressions of The Replacement was that “Isn’t that Steven Bays of Hot Hot Heat” complete with curly masses of full volume hair. It wasn’t, but his uncanny resemblance was hard to shake. Once the anticipation subsided it was apparent something wasn’t right. They were missing another member, rhythm guitarist Johnny Rocker.

It wasn’t until they had finished their first track, a newbie called Sorry which wasn’t an instant classic, we got an explanation. Apparently he had broken his finger playing Football and was unable to play. So for the second time, HB were a member down in my absence. He was here though. He apologetically appeared on stage to take lead vocals on another new song Paranoia.

Johnny Rocker on Vocals

Understandably their sound tonight was less full, and it was the lack of the duelling guitar lines which were most apparent. Yet they played with rampaging vigour and high octane enthusiasm. Their new singer was ok, on newer tracks his voice sounded underwhelming which was more apparent when singing old gems such as Can’t Let Go, & Reign on My Parade. By no means he was a bad singer, but stepping out of the shadow of Hevanz is a tough act, one he didn’t pull off.

Sid on Guitar

This was still a cracking show full of hard rock genius and pop rocking classics, but it was a case of what might have been with their understrength line-up and less impressive vocalist.

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