Album Review: The Thermals – Personal Life

This punk turned pop trio return with their latest fuzz filled offering.

The Thermals – Personal Life

Thermals - Personal Life

RockOSaurus Says:

The Thermals have always been great at crafting punky rockers which are sugary sweet with a soft pop centre. This album is no different. Lost is a ot of their vigour and punk bite, but they have made up for this with a number of catchy melodies.

These pop numbers however do not have the immediacy of some of their more rawkus numbers, in fact the highlight of this album is just that. I Don’t Believe You, is a cracking punk number with a trademark Thermals riff that rifles deep into your head, as does the rather similar Your love Is So Strong.

It’s the slowing down which causes this albums main fault, which is that there are not enough headline grabbing songs. There is alot of goodness, but not an awful lot of greatness.

Mr Flowers Says:

The album starts promisingly with those pop melodies we’ve come accustomed to from The Thermals hitting the sweet spot, with openers I’m Gonna Change Your Life, I Don’t Believe You and Never Listen To Me not letting you down in that respect.

About midway through the album the slower paced songs start to take a hold with Only For You and Alone, a Fool – Alone especially being difficult to get into with it’s 1 note riff and single drum beat. Sadly, those two songs seem to signal a metaphorical stagger to the finishing line for the album, with the melodies and riffs never quite reaching the highs and energy of the start. It leaves you thinking back to those blissful few minutes at the beginning of the album and wondering what could have been.

RockOSaurus: 7/10

MrFlowers: 7/10

DoesItRock Overall Score: 7/10

Listen to The Thermals – Personal Life now on Spotify!

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