Album Review: Weezer – Hurley

Classic 90’s geek rockers return with some more terrible artwork!

Weezer – Hurley

weezer - hurley

RockOSaurus Says:

Hurley sounds like a band who have finally realised that what people loved about them in the first place has been long neglected. In doing so they have rejuvunated their flagging album standards by producing their best album in what seems like decades. Rather than experimenting, they have concentrated on making this a fun filled record packed with damn cacthy pop rock. It may me a regression for Weezer, but it is a long overdue one.

The opening track Memories sets out their intention for an optimistic upbeat rock orientated album full of their unmistakable catchy vocals and pop melodies. They follow this with another fist pumping sing-a-long punk-pop tune Ruling Me before turning the noise down for the impressive ballary of Trainwreck.

Beyond this the album becomes a bit hit-and-miss, but there are enough hooks to keep up interest even if you have to ignore some all too familiar, unfunny, tongue in cheek lyrics. This is not a masterpiece on par with Blue (Mauve at a push), but it is a step “back” in the right direction .

Mr Flowers Says:

That keyboard bit the plays during the chorus on Memories doesn’t sit too well for me. It’s a fast paced jolly, but lacks a bit of soul. Unfortunately, the dodgy 80s film soundtrack theme wasn’t some cheeky experiment and continues through to Ruling Me and Trainwrecks. This pretty much soured the experience of those songs for me, maybe I’m allergic or something.

It doesn’t really tone down until Unspoken, which starts off as an acoustic number with backing strings before the guitars kick in for a rock out which sounds pretty good. On a side note, doesn’t the bass line from Where’s My Sex sound a bit like a slowed down version of the one from Green Day’s Hitchin’ A Ride?

The Casio keyboard demo drums come back on Smart Girls, but somehow this time they’re less obnoxious then before and it’s a fun romp with a slow-fast mechanic which lets the pop melodies breathe a bit more.

There’s no real standouts on the album really. Don’t get me wrong because I loved almost everything Weezer did up to and including Maladroit, but Hurley isn’t quite the return to form I was hoping for. I don’t know what they’re missing, but it’s not the same – I guess we’ll have to let Rivers and boys work that out for themselves.

RockOSaurus: 7.5/10

MrFlowers: 5/10

DoesItRock Overall Score: 6.25/10

Listen to Weezer – Hurley now on Spotify!

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