Modest Mouse @ The Troxy

It’s a wonder how tonights venue has remained off my radar, as it has to be one of the most impressive spaces for live music in London. Unlike its East End, A13 neighbourhood, The Troxy is impeccably turned out, but practically it isn’t really up to the job. Its large renovated theatre scale, means that without a slanted floors much of the audience is left alienated behind a sea of tall heads. Plus the bar prices were more Harvey Nics than Queen Vic, absolute extortion!

With our outrageously expensive, puny bottle of beer (in a plastic cup) we caught up and coming buzz band, Yuck. There is substance to this group that i didn’t give the hype machine credit for. They have alot of good things going for them including a ever-present catchy melody underwriting each song, plenty of amped up noise used at the right moments & a heap of scenester appeal. I was quietly impressed by them in a “hmm…thats not bad” kind of way. Although when the melodies faded into floating feedback and amp buzz, their appeal lessened


Tonight’s headliners and American indie kings Modest Mouse were out to prove they are worthy of their crown. They played a huge range of tracks leading from older albums right up to their latest EP, proving their outstanding musicianship as they went. Their more recent offerings rewarded them the most with the crowd on tracks such as the slightly out of tune Dashboard, sing-a-long crowd pleaser Black Cadillac, indie anthem Float On and uplifting set closer The View. It is front-man Isaac Brock who really makes these songs come alive with his emphatic delivery, timely guitar chimes and quirky vocals.

Modest Mouse

For a reason I could not understand they had 2 drummers who seemed to be playing the same thing all night, plus during one song they has 2 bassists (one double/one guitar). In my eyes this was rather unnecessary and somewhat flamboyant! Turning away from their poppier singles they showed their indie heart here tonight with plenty of old retro tunes and a few prog-like jams. It is on these proggy weird-outs that the double drums came into play. On The Whale Song, the beautiful marriage of guitar effects and rumbling drums showed their true force, as you’re drawn into their dreamlike soundscape of wonder.

Far from being an exhilarating show, Modest Mouse retained their audience with astute layered music and brilliant melodies which made this show fly past in an instant. An impressive performance which reinforces their status as indie heavyweights.

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