October Round-up

October was a bumper month for cracking new releases. Here are some of our favourites we’ve heard over the last 30 days in a handy spotify playlist!

Listen now >>> – Oct 10 Mix

1) Foxy Shazam – Count Me Out … A crazy mix of Glam, Pop wrapped in alt rock . Creative, original and damn catchy!
2) Miyavi – What’s My Name? … This J-Rock hero gone solo seriously guy knows how to play guitar!
3) Ginger – Yeah Yeah YeahWildhearts driving force displays just why he is such a precious pop maestro
4) The Pineapple Thief – Nothing At Best … Mega catchy & utterly creative Prog Rock number
5) The Phantom Band – A Glamour … Indie swooning gives way to a beautiful thudding riff
6) The Jim Jones Revue – Elemental … Imagine Jerry Lee Lewis plugged into a Marshall stack, playing during a drunken bar room brawl…genius!
7) Kings Of Leon – Pony Up … One of few high points from lacklustre latest album.
8) Superchunk – Crossed Wires … Testing the punk element in their Pop-Punk formula
9) Calories – Habitations … Jangly, scratchy guitars and indieness in abundance on this rocky number
10) Kassidy – Take Another Ride … Three country tinged acoustics make sweet pop music
11) Dinosaur Pile-Up – Birds & Planes … Outstanding opening to their latest album
12) Tame Impala – The Bold Arrow Of Time … Psychedelia with fuzzed up riffing and general dreamy meanderings
13) Bad Religion – Only Rain … Back to basics high ocatane punk is back in the hands of the genre’s masters
14) Murderdolls – Summertime Suicide … Big chords and choruses dripping with the sleaze rock vibes
15) Volbeat – Heaven Nor Hell … Scandinavians produce amazing album full of anthemic hard rock!
16) Bring Me The Horizon – It Never Ends … UK kids wrestle with many metal genres and come out on top
17) Tweak Bird – Sky Ride … Fuzzy, Bluesy, Noisy, Epic, Heavy, etc…
18) Joe Satriani – Light Years Away … God of guitar returns with his best studio album in years, a more chilled affair!
19) Jimmy Eat World – My Best Theory … Godfathers of emo return with another solid single
20) Anberlin – Impossible … Pop Punk Anthem of the month is a cut above the usual genre fodder

Spotify Playlist – Oct 10 Mix

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